An ode to my acquaintance.

Thank you for your contribution in making the campus a better place. May you rest in peace.

Thank you for your contribution in making the campus a better place. May you rest in peace.

Last weekend, while I was busy studying for my exam, I woke up on a Sun morning, receive a message from my fellow colleague stating that one of our long term contractor had passed away due to heart attack. I was shocked, mainly because I see him regularly on site, carrying all those thick pipes and heavy metals.. you would’ve figured he’s a strong man. He had been the faithful worker of the main con who had been involved in most of UCSI’s construction job since I can remember. I can’t believe that I’ll never see him again.

Just 2 weeks ago right before raya, one of our friendly campus driver, Mr. Subra had passed on, due to heart problem as well. He was the driving force behind the going in & out of countless future leaders back & forth between UCSI University campuses. He was always smiling to greet whoever he meet, little did he knows that his simple gesture like these had touched hearts of hundreds students, staff, colleagues and friends.

It saddens me deeply that I did not buy Uncle Subra the breakfase that I mention everyday whenever he greets me, it saddens me to rememeber how at times I was arguing with Ah Hwa for not doing his job well. Life is too fragile, and it really put things in perspectitive on what matters most in life. Today you can be living the best life you have, and the next you could just die, we are just mere mortals who will return to His Kingdom someday. Live life as if it’s your last, do not wait for another day to do what you wanna do, because that day may never comes.


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