To do List.

Loved this combination of timber and patterned textiles. With a coffee and a book, this will be my heaven on earth place!

Loved this combination of timber and patterned textiles. With a coffee and a book, this will be my heaven on earth place!

Finally! Exam’s over. Phew!
Let me tell you, if any of you who plans to take up any additional course that will requires you to sit through a 3 hour examination, please please please train you fingers and your wrist to cope with the most painstaking muscle pull on your hand, I had never been more grateful for keyboards!

Anyways, I tried my best, hopefully I will pull through and pass this test. (Fingers crossed!)

So, I had a list of things to accomplish before I start my new semester next month, so here it is:

1. To go for health screening with hubbs + dental check. Often I think we take our health for granted, hence I do not want to be like one of the patient in Grey’s anatomy where they finally admitted to the hospital, only to realise the little back ache that they experience turns out to be something terminal.

2. To spend quality time with my bestie, Michelle, a.k.a Hammie’s Godma who had been the nicest friend ever. I love her to bits, hence I had promise myself to spend a good solid day with her, to catch up and to rekindle our sweet sweet friendship.

3. To finish reading ‘Rules for Parenting’ by Richard Templar. I had been a great fan of RT’s series of ‘Rules player’ for Love, Work, and Life. Hopefully this Parenting one is not a disappointment!

4. To cook a hearty meal for my hubbie. He has been the most patient, loving and supporting husband ever since I decided to take up my MA. Sometimes I wonder how can I be so lucky that God bestow this lovely human being into my life. So yupe, I’m gonna (try) cook him as an appreciation for all he’s done for me. After all, they said the way to a man’s heart is through his stomach right?

5. To start childproofing our pad. My little puffball is getting very active lately that me and hubbs hardly have energy to keep up with him. We are chasing him everyday and follow him everywhere to prevent him from hitting those sharp edges, but he’s just so adventurous eager beaver! Chronologically he will see something – crawl towards it – grab it – inspect it – put in his mouth. I can’t wait till he walks, but first, we need to make sure the place is safe for this little man.

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