Project update – SW Annex Building

SW Annex Building is currently one of our latest expansion project to cater for the growing Faculty of Medical Sciences here at UCSI University. This 40 footer container, built from scratch house 2 Medical Research Lab, 2 common classroom and and offices for the Faculty. The site is located between Block B & C, as below.


So as you can see, we manage to built a building out of thin air. What amaze me is, when the final pieces finally comes together, it just aesthetically gels in together with the adjacent building, thanks to the connecting flight of stairs, which is now heavily used by the student.

This is not the most complicated project we’d built, however it takes such a long time to complete as it involves so many contractors (both in-house and out-source). Coordination had been a headache and my recently my feet just felt sore from walking back and forth from site to office. But I’m not complaining, it’s just walking distance and I might just be able to shed some flabby tummy? Apart from that, building a container is very much complicated, as you need to take into consideration the sound and heat insulation, water proofing as well as the durability of the materials. All metal and steel bar has to be properly weld, seald and anti-rust painted to withstand our country’s harsh weather.

Below are some of the progress image, will share the detail interior space soon!


Till next post, have a happy weekend!

Rainy Day + Work

Am currently in love with these anthropologie alphabet mug.

Am currently in love with these anthropologie alphabet mug.

It’s been raining cats and dogs lately & I LOVE IT!!!
Although it is good to laze at bed at times like this, but somehow I am rather productive during rainy days. It’s the weather, it’s the clattering rain drops sound… somehow it provide me the serenity that I just can’t describe with words.

Had been really busy with works, we have 4 residential projects running concurently, as well as other commercial projects under the Group, will update the progress later in another post. All in all, I am trying to accoplish as many personal errands I can before my next semester starts, yupe, I will repeat all the craziness juggling career and study again this coming 22nd September. No worries, with a fresh cuppa coffee and sheer determination, I know I can do it!

Thank you God, for this lovely weather, for allowing me to cherish simple little things like rain. 🙂

{Image retrieved from Pinterest}