Chasing dream ?

It’s close to the end of 2013, looking back, it’s been the most challenging & tough year yet. Birth of our baby, career advancement, going back to school…This had put a toll on us. We are tired, exhausted and we both question ourselves, is this all worth it? Is this our so call dream? or we’re just merely chasing a visual of what we thought is our dream? There are so many questions and no answers, simply because we are suppose to live this life and figure it out ourselves. I choose to believe that we are given a choice, it doesn’t matter whether you make the right one, but always know that that it is not the only one. Know when to grab hold of opportunity and never afraid to let go when the time comes.

I want to live my life to the fullest. I want to have a successful career. I want to have a close bond relationship with my family. I want to achieve personal fulfillment. There are so much I want, but in the end, it is just impossible to have everything. Something’s got to give. Nevertheless, it has been the most amazing year I’d ever have, motherhood had taught me so much, I deeply love my parents even more as each day passes by.

I will do better next year.

Our latest Project on the East side.

Hi all, had been occupied with last semester exam, finally it’s over! Time to buckle up on work and spend time with the family. Just a little update on what’s been keeping me busy, will elaborate on a later post!

Cityisland Hotel Lobby 5

cafe 2


Hotel Room Suite 1