2014 Resolutions.

I have not been much a resolution person, however I made a list of Resolution last year, & manage to complete most of them. Looking back, it’s been quite satisfying to know you had been productive and make progress personally for the past one year. Last year, these resolutions reflect more of the task I want to achieve, this year, I’d decided to take things a little slower and make sure I get my priorities right. Before the first month ends, here are my resolution for 2014.

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# 1. Slow down & keep calm
Ever since my decision to take up my MA, I often find myself struggles to juggle between my career, family and studies. I’m not complaining as this was the decision I made and I plan to stick to it till the end. It’s just when assignments deadline is catching up or during exam period, I find myself lose control on managing my life, especially when the little one fall sick. So this year, I’d decided to clear my mind & tell myself that it’s ok to slow down a little, or even put a pause if I had to. Family comes first, and next would be my career, I will learn to priorities and keep my calm because sometimes you just can’t have it all, something’s gotta give, I just need to make sure I made the right prioritization.

#2. Embrace Change
Sometimes, it’s so easy to just stay in our own comfort bubble. Lately I felt that I had been sucked into living the mundane, while I see a lot of my acquaintance had been venturing into different course of life experience, be it career, relationships or mere pleasure, makes me realize that life is short and sometimes, change is good. Change makes us step out of our comfort zone, stimulates our courage and inspire us to be better.

#3. Detach myself from materialism
I’m not much of a shopaholic, however sometimes, I do spend on things that I really fancy, example a coffee presser, tumblers, IKEA’s products and etc. Truth is, each time when you purchase these items, it gives you a rush of excitement and pleasures that would probably last for a few days perhaps? So this year I’d decided to only purchase what is necessary and think twice of the product’s value worth before committing it. Simplicity is the key to a happy life, not materials.

#4. Go for it
I turned 27 this year, I’d figured this is the time to really go for what I want in life. Want that project? go for it. Want to score that subject? Study hard. Want to have a promotion/higher pay? Work harder. Want to master that skills? Learn it. Because, if you want it bad enough, you will get it.

#5. Spend more time with my little munchkin
Since I had baby Ju-Hann, it had totally change the way I view life and I thank God everyday for this little miracle that came into my life. Every day, I strive to be a better mother for him. For the past one year, I try to spend as much of my time with him while multi tasking such as checking my email, reading my textbook, hanging clothes, washing dishes…etc. As baby Ju enters into toddlerhood, he had begin to demand for mama’s full attention and his eagerness and determination to learn new things just make me stunt in awe sometimes. & suddenly I realize, how can I miss out these precious moments? Every morning I have to wake him up to send him to the babysitter, after work, I only get to spend a merely 1 hour with him before he goes to sleep. I vowed to treasure that 1 hour window and make sure I spend time with him, physically and emotionally.

Rock Bottom.

When you hit rock bottom, the only way is to go up.

When you hit rock bottom, the only way is to go up.

Lately, we’d been experiencing a whirlwind of change. It’s a mixed feeling of disappointment, heart-wrenching and relief at the same time. I feel that sometimes, when you become too complacent and take things for granted, God had his way to remind you that whatever He gives, He can take it away too. I believe everything happen for a reason, and if we stay focus and remain faithful, we will rise and become stronger than ever. It’s the life ups and downs that make it so valuable. It is only when you hit rock bottom, you know you have nothing else to lose and fight as hard to surface.

In times like this, I will remind myself that all is not end, instead, this is just the beginning of more good things to come. If we want things badly enough, we will often be surprise by our own inner strength and courage. So, chin up and I’m ready to challenge whatever b******t that comes our way.


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Today I accidently saw that our FB Dots page hits 100 like. Not sure if it hits today or it has been awhile as I was quite occupied with tonnes of works. I had not been updating the content and FB admin panel has been sending a reminder constantly. So, 100. Not a big number, in fact it is relatively small but somehow I can’t help but smile a little and pat myself on the back. Why? because Dots, is my brainchild.

Many of you had known, me & my team had been working as UCSI Group’s in-house designers for the past 4 years. Apart from educational spaces, we had designed resort, hospital, spa, office, retail, showrooms and many more. Some of our design come to fruitful, such as this & this amongst many others. Some are still stuck on the drawing board due to many many reasons. You can view more of our works here.

We started Dots in 2009, in lined with the Praxis concept from UCSI University, as well as my initiative to expand our portfolio. So we formed a brand name – Dots, which intends to work on external projects as well as to churn some income to the parent company by utilizing our expertise and capability.

Why Dots? Simply because every masterpiece begins with a dot. I remember when I attended Architecture 101 in LimKokWing during my first semester, the first thing we were taught from the text book – Architecture Form, Space and Order by Francis DK Ching (a great book by the way), is how a single point indicates a position in space. From a point, it is extended becomes a line, a line is then extended becomes a plane, and a plane extended becomes volume, which creates space. Such simple theory but yet it is the fundamentals primary elements that creates what we call Architecture today. Whether it’s Tholos of Polyceitos, Baptistery at Pisa or the Eiffel Tower, it all starts with a dot, on the drawing board.

Communication send-out_Feb 2013

2014-01-15 18.14.02

We had successfully completed several external jobs and the experience is amazing. We make mistakes, we fall, we argue, but most importantly, we Learn. I am proud of Dots, I am proud of my team. We will strive harder and be better.

2014, Bring it on!

Finally, the zombie bug had left, though I still had some cough, but I think it’ll go away soon. Fingers cross.

Baby Ju-Hann is recovered & boy, he seemed to grow up so fast at a sudden after the high fever. He started walking! Seeing this little person walking around the house just gives me waves of warmth over and over again. Each time I look at his angelic face, I feel so blessed that God gave me this little miracle that bring so much meaning to my life.

A 'B.I.G' fan like mommy?

A ‘B.I.G’ fan like mommy?

Pussy willow indicates CNY is around the corner...

Pussy willow indicates CNY is around the corner…

We started the new year with a little bump, but it’s ok, because I know I have the most important thing in the world – my family, I’m prepare to embrace what comes may. 2014 will no doubt to be filled with more challenges: a full year of study, independence of taking care of baby Ju-Hann after office hours, provide physical and emotional support to hubs career, a full calendar of design and renovation jobs. In this new year, I would like to say a little prayer, thanking God for his abundance for the past year. I prayed that He will continue to shower us with His blessings and guide us to the path of righteousness. I believe the light is at the end of the tunnel, but it doesn’t mean it will be darkness all the way.

Ju-Hann and daddy at 'Tipsy Brew' @ SetiaWalk

Ju-Hann and daddy at ‘Tipsy Brew’ @ SetiaWalk

2014. Is’t Really?

This is the 6th day of the new year, & yet I felt I am still living in 2013. Baby Ju-Hann fall sick on the eve of the new year, and since then, both hubs & I had been on a roller coaster ride taking of a sick child. Worse is, we caught up with the virus & constantly driving back and forth between office, home & the hospital.. It is truly truly exhausting.

I know a child falling ill is a norm but yet every time when you see them in pain, restless and the constant crying really breaks you, mentally, physically and emotionally. I really hope he recovers soon as I miss his smile, his cheekiness and his silly expression. I want to thank hubs for being so supportive, patient and caring for the past week. As much as he said he’s not father material, I know he’s doing the best he can and I really love him for that. So here’s to my little boy, get well soon k, let us embrace life’s challenges and may God continue to give us strength, wisdom and humanity to welcome the brand new year. Love you baby.

Daddy humming 'Moon River', baby Ju-Hann's favourite.

Daddy humming ‘Moon River’, baby Ju-Hann’s favourite.