2014. Is’t Really?

This is the 6th day of the new year, & yet I felt I am still living in 2013. Baby Ju-Hann fall sick on the eve of the new year, and since then, both hubs & I had been on a roller coaster ride taking of a sick child. Worse is, we caught up with the virus & constantly driving back and forth between office, home & the hospital.. It is truly truly exhausting.

I know a child falling ill is a norm but yet every time when you see them in pain, restless and the constant crying really breaks you, mentally, physically and emotionally. I really hope he recovers soon as I miss his smile, his cheekiness and his silly expression. I want to thank hubs for being so supportive, patient and caring for the past week. As much as he said he’s not father material, I know he’s doing the best he can and I really love him for that. So here’s to my little boy, get well soon k, let us embrace life’s challenges and may God continue to give us strength, wisdom and humanity to welcome the brand new year. Love you baby.

Daddy humming 'Moon River', baby Ju-Hann's favourite.

Daddy humming ‘Moon River’, baby Ju-Hann’s favourite.


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