Today I accidently saw that our FB Dots page hits 100 like. Not sure if it hits today or it has been awhile as I was quite occupied with tonnes of works. I had not been updating the content and FB admin panel has been sending a reminder constantly. So, 100. Not a big number, in fact it is relatively small but somehow I can’t help but smile a little and pat myself on the back. Why? because Dots, is my brainchild.

Many of you had known, me & my team had been working as UCSI Group’s in-house designers for the past 4 years. Apart from educational spaces, we had designed resort, hospital, spa, office, retail, showrooms and many more. Some of our design come to fruitful, such as this & this amongst many others. Some are still stuck on the drawing board due to many many reasons. You can view more of our works here.

We started Dots in 2009, in lined with the Praxis concept from UCSI University, as well as my initiative to expand our portfolio. So we formed a brand name – Dots, which intends to work on external projects as well as to churn some income to the parent company by utilizing our expertise and capability.

Why Dots? Simply because every masterpiece begins with a dot. I remember when I attended Architecture 101 in LimKokWing during my first semester, the first thing we were taught from the text book – Architecture Form, Space and Order by Francis DK Ching (a great book by the way), is how a single point indicates a position in space. From a point, it is extended becomes a line, a line is then extended becomes a plane, and a plane extended becomes volume, which creates space. Such simple theory but yet it is the fundamentals primary elements that creates what we call Architecture today. Whether it’s Tholos of Polyceitos, Baptistery at Pisa or the Eiffel Tower, it all starts with a dot, on the drawing board.

Communication send-out_Feb 2013

2014-01-15 18.14.02

We had successfully completed several external jobs and the experience is amazing. We make mistakes, we fall, we argue, but most importantly, we Learn. I am proud of Dots, I am proud of my team. We will strive harder and be better.

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