Learning to say No.

ju-hann wardrobe

The image says it all. This little guy wanted me to open the wardrobe door so he can start ‘ransacking’ my stuff. Clearly I said no, & he gave me this putty face.

2014-02-18 07.10.37-2

2014-02-18 07.10.37-1

Having being a parent for the past 17 months, it clearly is not easy. At times, you just have to be stern enough even though they give you the pity face. The minute I knew we were going to be having a boy, I had mentally prepared myself for all the mischievous acts and the wildest hyperactive-ness that I can imagine, more so when various sources confirm my predicament – My husband were once a very naughty boy. With attention from both parent and  3 grandparents, he is so blessed to be so loved. But as his parents, we need to remind ourselves constantly to watch out in order to not to develop China’s one child syndrome and ends up spoiling him.

I once heard someone saying: Be naughty, don’t be bad. I hold this sentence quite true. Children are meant to be active, cheeky and naughty at times because their innocence soul is fill with much curiosity and inquisitiveness. It is our job as parents to tell them what’s right & wrong; what’s good and bad. Both of us were brought up with strong Chinese values and culture, I want to bring him up to be polite, to be good and to be obedient. At the same time, I will remind myself it is perfectly ok if he loses a lil’ control sometimes, he’s after all, just a toddler who just turn 17 month old today. Here’s to my cheeky little boy, ‘be naughty, don’t be bad’ (although please cut down on the naughty part).

Happy 17 month old baby Ju, we love you. Never stop growing.

The gift.

That morning, 14.02.14, we hopped on to the car as usual, then hubs went to the boot and threw me a surprise of this.

The gift.

The gift.

Instantly I knew it was a Vday gift. I did not forget the day, I just didn’t make it a big deal as we are suppose to have a Vday dinner for Yong Tau Foo at night. I was so so so surprise, mainly because we both agree that we are not gonna contribute to the total elaborate and ott celebration of the consumer day created by Greetings card company. Plus I was so occupied with my assignment that I did not make him any cards this year (in particular this year!) So I feel kinda guilty this year round.

So this is what he got me. A bag, just nice to replace my old wearing one.

My first branded bag. :)

My first branded bag. 🙂

He also got me this little heart-shape box with places/destination that we longed to visit some day. This will be our little treasure box where we will save, add in little notes of what we want to do when we visits these places…

Time to save up for our long-awaited honeymoon...

Time to save up for our long-awaited honeymoon…

There’s nothing to shout about our Valentine, but it’s nice to take notion of it and celebrate a little. To me, Vday is not about the flowers, the chocolate or the lux fine dining, it’s about appreciating the little things you do with your loved one, & in that particular day, remind him/her that he/she will always be your Valentine.

Us, last year's Valentine at Puchong yong tau foo.

Us, last year’s Valentine at Puchong yong tau foo.

Every morning is a bless because of you.

Thanks for the lovely post hubs, every morning is a bless because of you.

Bits from the web #1

The internet is the most amazing thing that’s ever invented. I always wonder, the technology is so advance and it’s evolving everyday as we speak, how long before they will become artificial intelligence with talking operating system (i.e. Samantha form Movie ‘Her’) and start take over the world for human race?!

Enough of my wild imagination, so I would like to start a compilation of anything interesting/amazing/inspirational/awesome from the web so I can show it to Hammie next time.

This tear-jerking ad from BERNAS in conjunction with CNY 2014.

When it gets too cold…

The cutest fall.

This is what we called Powerful Ads.

P.S.: If you have not watched the movie ‘Her’, you should. It’s witty, kinky, funny & intelligent all at the same time.

Have a lovely weekend. Don't forget to take time and lie on fur rug.

Have a lovely weekend. Don’t forget to take time and lie on a fur rug.

Bare Necessity.

Today, while driving to work, Red.fm was playing all the hits classic songs from Disney from the past 3 decades, it was really nostalgic listening to ‘Can You feel the love’ (Lion King), ‘The Distance’ (Hercules), and ‘Friend Like Me’ (Alladin)… Then suddenly this songs came up!

At first, the tune & beat is quite fun and I can feel my body moving to the rhythm. Then as I listen further to the lyrics, it made me realize that in this age of the world, we are so caught up in the materialism stuff that we forgot how our ancestors starts with bare necessities. But the world made it so hard these days with so many gadgets such as I-Phone(s), Hybrid Cars, Samsung gear & etc. Technology is so advanced these days that if you don’t have that smart phone, you will be out-mode. Luxury become a craze and premium products seems to be the crowd favor these days, just look at the amount eateries open by The Big Group in the past recent years!

Of course, there’s nothing wrong with chasing for what you want. Materialism is the proof of a person’s achievement and capabilities, as long as we stop complaining and start appreciate what we have, life can be pretty simple.

Lyrics extracted from ‘Bare Necessity’ from the Jungle Book:
And don’t spend your time lookin’ around
For something you want that can’t be found
When you find out you can live without it
And go along not thinkin’ about it
I’ll tell you something true

The bare necessities of life will come to you

Full Lyrics can be viewed here.

Wheel of Gratitude. What's yours?

Wheel of Gratitude. What’s yours?

Image via my Pinterest board under Beautiful Words.

Happy Lunar New Year…

Whew, after 6 long days of break, it’s time to get back to work. First day back to work and I miss Hammie so so much. This year, we had decided to stay back in KL, instead of following the mad rush & jam back to our hometown in Penang. It was the best decision ever. Me & hubs get to spend some time watching movies & TV series (Mad Men in particular, so so addictive!), take short naps (and long :P), have home cooked food and do some house chores to keep the house clean. My mom is gracious enough to come all the way from Penang and spend this special occasion with us here. She cooked us the most amazing dinner on the even of CNY. This was indeed a good break. It gave us time to put or mind and body the much needed rest, and to recharge our spirits for the next long run.

In this auspicious celebration, we would like to wish everyone a Happy Chinese New Year, may your year filled with great Joy, Health & Happiness. Treasure every moment with your loved ones, time slipped us by without us knowing.

Shopping in Tesco is so much easier now that this puffball can fit into the trolley seat.

Shopping in Tesco is easier now that this puffball can fit into the trolley seat.

Nothing beats home cooked food for reunion dinner.

Nothing beats home cooked food for reunion dinner.

1st day of CNY, we went visiting.

1st day of CNY, we went visiting.

Traditionally, you aren't suppose to sweep the floor during CNY, but we definitely can vacuum.

Traditionally, you aren’t suppose to sweep the floor during CNY, but we definitely can vacuum.

The little monk and his food.

The little monk and his food.

His signature celebrity wave...("No picture please...")

His signature celebrity wave…(“No picture please…”)

Look at the posture... this kid cracks me up!

Look at the posture… this kid cracks me up!