Bits from the web #1

The internet is the most amazing thing that’s ever invented. I always wonder, the technology is so advance and it’s evolving everyday as we speak, how long before they will become artificial intelligence with talking operating system (i.e. Samantha form Movie ‘Her’) and start take over the world for human race?!

Enough of my wild imagination, so I would like to start a compilation of anything interesting/amazing/inspirational/awesome from the web so I can show it to Hammie next time.

This tear-jerking ad from BERNAS in conjunction with CNY 2014.

When it gets too cold…

The cutest fall.

This is what we called Powerful Ads.

P.S.: If you have not watched the movie ‘Her’, you should. It’s witty, kinky, funny & intelligent all at the same time.

Have a lovely weekend. Don't forget to take time and lie on fur rug.

Have a lovely weekend. Don’t forget to take time and lie on a fur rug.


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