Learning to say No.

ju-hann wardrobe

The image says it all. This little guy wanted me to open the wardrobe door so he can start ‘ransacking’ my stuff. Clearly I said no, & he gave me this putty face.

2014-02-18 07.10.37-2

2014-02-18 07.10.37-1

Having being a parent for the past 17 months, it clearly is not easy. At times, you just have to be stern enough even though they give you the pity face. The minute I knew we were going to be having a boy, I had mentally prepared myself for all the mischievous acts and the wildest hyperactive-ness that I can imagine, more so when various sources confirm my predicament – My husband were once a very naughty boy. With attention from both parent and  3 grandparents, he is so blessed to be so loved. But as his parents, we need to remind ourselves constantly to watch out in order to not to develop China’s one child syndrome and ends up spoiling him.

I once heard someone saying: Be naughty, don’t be bad. I hold this sentence quite true. Children are meant to be active, cheeky and naughty at times because their innocence soul is fill with much curiosity and inquisitiveness. It is our job as parents to tell them what’s right & wrong; what’s good and bad. Both of us were brought up with strong Chinese values and culture, I want to bring him up to be polite, to be good and to be obedient. At the same time, I will remind myself it is perfectly ok if he loses a lil’ control sometimes, he’s after all, just a toddler who just turn 17 month old today. Here’s to my cheeky little boy, ‘be naughty, don’t be bad’ (although please cut down on the naughty part).

Happy 17 month old baby Ju, we love you. Never stop growing.


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