Series of unfortunate events.

I had been slammed with works and assignments left right top bottom that I hardly have time to breathe. Now that assignment’s done, I need to focus on my task at hand. Projects after projects, big and small… they’re just never ending.

Malaysia’s tragic event had been on every country’s headline for the past few days and it really saddens me. The faith of the 239 passengers, the way our leaders manage the crisis, the ridicule act of the bomoh in KLIA and much much more reflects how incompetent our country leaders, who are supposed to turn the nation into a developed country in 6 years time! Prior to this, we had faced a long draught (since CNY) and very polluted hazy environment. This are all still bearable until MH370 went missing.

MH370, please come back.

MH370, please come back.

After days of savings water, finally water ration had started at my place. Being a shower freak, I hope I’ll able to survive water ration, maybe I can just pile up on my perfumes. 😉 We are prepare for it, just hope God will bless us soon and gives us rain and clear the haze.

But other than that, life’s good. Here’s why.

Hubbs sends me this on FB. Late at night, while he’s fixing a couple of baby Ju’s toy cars and music toy, he starts sulking how all these little things that he did is not ‘awesome’. That jealousy is so cute!

2014-03-01 18.46.53
I’m loving every second spend with this little guy. Though he’s starting to show his character and knows how to throw tantrum to get the things the way he wanted… We are definitely learning to say ‘No’.

Learning to be great again. While watching Grey’s Anatomy s9, one of the episodes where the surgeons are planning to buy over the hospital, Jullian Crest, the benefactor says: “What my gut tells me is, you didn’t like it. Surgeons like surgery. I know when I find something I don’t like doing, I don’t do it well.” This short and direct phrase made both hubs & I realize we should chase for our passion. When we love what we do, we will excel.

I studied contract management this semester, an it was indeed an eye opener. I learn how great Ir. Harban Singh book is. I learn the many types of construction contracts used in Malaysia. I learn that engineers profession does not limit to C&S, M&E but can range from waste management, minerals, agriculture, power and etc. It’s really exciting. I hope I can score well in the exam.

I love this man more and more each day. I’m grateful that God made a turn in his life and made us realize what’s truly important. Health, happiness, family and living in the moment is our goals now. We will embrace each day as it comes.

What we can learn from MH370 is that, life’s too short, just like the blip in the correspondence radar before the plane vanishes. Each of these passenger has a story, and they will never have the chance to say their last words to their loved ones.


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