5 Things I’m grateful for today.


1. Rain
Can’t be more than happy to see rain these days. Though we still experience water rationing, but we’re coping. I think it’s a good thing, I learn how to appreciate water more than ever; & hubs and I discover many efficient ways when it comes to ‘Water Management’. LOL. We joke about how we should get our business done when we’re outdoor, or  how we are discover 2 people can wash dishes better when you don’t have a flowing water. It’s all good.

2. Confirmed a corporate project in KL.
Through contacts, we manage to partner with one of our business associate to undertake a corporate project located in KL. Although we have done corporate design projects before, this one comes with lots of challenges when it comes to coordination and management, simply because the site is situated in a high end district, which means there will be lots of limitation, paper work and coordination. But nevertheless, I think it’s going to be awesome!

3. Mama is cooking porridge tonight. (Yumm!)
My mom-in-law is back and it feels SO GOOD to experience home cooked meal again! I just feel so blessed to have her back with us. One night, while packing leftover for next day lunch, I told hubs: “So good to have packed lunch for again”, and hubs say: “Aren’t you the happiest girl in the world?.” Yes, you bet I am!

4. My little boy knows how to point towards his face part when you say where’s your nose nose/ ear ear / hand hand.
I know I know it’s such a small little matter, and I’m just overreacting. However I just feel so proud of him of his little achievement.  I realize that it’s best to teach him when we’re feeding him snacks, that way he will obey whatever we say in order to get a mouthful of banana/yogurt/bisects/raisin…. that boy is a piggy! I really thank God that he has such good appetite.

5. Halfway through my MA.
Today, I saw my fellow seniors posting on OUM FB Group how only 4 out of 14 students manage to pass though the Final Project and Viva Presentation. We all aim to graduate on time, however with commitment on work and family, it is indeed very very hard. Nevertheless, after this exam in April, I am halfway through, and I will do my best to complete it. My goal is to graduate, regardless the time I need as I had vividly tell myself to know what is my main priority.

Image from my Pinterest Board


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