UCSI International School, Springhill #2

The project is to design, develop and built Malaysia’s first boarding school to deliver the full range of International Baccalaureate (IB) programme. Once completed, the UCSI International School will be one of the handful IB World Schools in the country. The mission of the School is to provide a challenging international education that will nurture students to become knowledgeable and responsible global citizens focusing on the three core values of International Education, Global Citizenship and Individual Integrity.

To ensure a conducive and efficient learning environment, the building is designed to provide a separation for PYP (Primary year programme) & MYP (middle year programme) students. The East Wing encompass the learning space for primary students such as classrooms, basic science laboratory, workshops, music and art room. On the other side of the building houses learning spaces for the secondary students, i.e.: Physics, Biology, Chemistry Laboratory, Classrooms, Homescience Laboratory, Music and Art Rooms.
The 30′ x 35′ classrooms are designed to accommodate up to maximum 25 students at one time. Specifically laid with laminated timber flooring, it is the school’s aim to cultivate eastern culture into the students, which prompt them to remove their shoes when they enter into class. Fully equipped with e-learning technology (apple TV, smart board and interactive projector), the classroom is fit out with customized modular furniture to ensure it is flexible enough to be re-arranged to suit different teaching syllabus. The size of each piece and chair are meticulously specified to cater for different age group.
D3S_3902 e copy
D3S_3910 e copy
D3S_4548 e copy
D3S_4558 e copy
D3S_4566 e copy
The central administrative block houses the Admin and Academic Offices where students can meet up with fellow teachers and educators outside classroom hours. The communal area is designed to be more ‘open’ to encourage students to interact with their teachers, as part of the IB’s theory to bridge the gap of communication between teachers and students.
D3S_3832 e copy
D3S_3799 e copyD3S_3985 e copy
D3S_4164 e copy
D3S_4170 e copy


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