UCSI Group Showroom, the overdue renovation.

The project was initiated since 2011, however it only took off recently due to some logistics issues. So, Group Showroom, as the name suggest is a 13m x 14m square space which our founder & chairman had intended for it to be used as a showcase gallery of UCSI’s past history, milestones, achievement, groups of companies and their future plans. A brief history of UCSI:

“UCSI Group is a leading multi-disciplinary conglomerate based in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia. From our humble beginnings as an education services provider, UCSI Group has expanded over the years with a well-diversified business portfolio in education, consultancy, healthcare, hotel, property and technology. UCSI Group is also involved in developing the famed Blue Ocean Strategy in business in 10 different countries across the Asia Pacific and North America regions.”

Founded since 1986, the group had since expand and progress faster than the one can manage to keep up. Hence, this showcase gallery will be a good introduction to the public the diversity and tenacity of the group and its companies.

The site: Located 1st floor of the main lobby, this space used to be occupied as a combination of campus clinic + management board room. These two space had since been upgraded and expanded at other newly built block. It looks like this.

When we undertake the design of the space, I wanted it to be flexible enough to cater of other function/events such as: Launching for new programs, collaboration effort with external parties, signing of MOU/MOA with ministry department and etc. Hence, first rule of the design concept would be: Flexible, Spacious and Elegant. Base on this key words, we designed for all display wall panels to be shift against the wall, to leave a huge empty space in the center where we can play with different seating, whether it’s lounge seating for seminar seating.


To make the space interesting (rather than a square box), we created an ‘arrow’ shape that is reflected on both the floor and ceiling to gives a walk path to draw in guest and visitor. Due to existing height of the space (which are relatively low, about 9′), we intend to use mirror to visually increase the space height.

As there are that much of wall space that we can display visual panels, I came out with the idea of ‘movable display panel where it is modular and can be configured accordingly. What’s good about this panel is that it can be mobilized and used during education fair or other external activities outside the university.

I shall update the renovation progress on the next post. Have a great week ahead! Monday’s not blue when you have rain. 😉


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