Baby steps…

2014-04-19 12.29.16
At some point in your life, one would experience the moment when there’s so much that’s happening and you just felt so trapped and don’t know where to begin. I certainly felt that ever since I entered into mommyhood and decided to pursue my MA. This picture reminds me that amidst all the hustle and bustle, I can always take a step back and just focus on one thing at a time.

Wish you all a happy Tuesday! I’m looking forward to a great week ahead with the family.


Lux International College, the light of knowledge.

We started working on this project since Dec 2013. LIC is used to be UCSI’s subsidiary language centre housed in the main campus. However, it has expanded so much that they desperately need to relocate to a bigger space. Currently occupying 35,000 sqf area in PJ’s prime land, LIC occupy 3 storey’s of Wisma Damansara Utama at PJ Uptown.

Works has since 85% close to completion pending loose furniture arrival and some touch up of minor details. This post will reveal the sneak peak of the current site’s progress. Get ready to be feast with the burst of colours, because this college is nothing like the others!

series colour

I am most fortunate to have able to design this space base on my style and taste as the client literally leave it to ‘our good hands’. As this is a rented space, we have lots of limitation, not forgetting the need to adhere to the ever low budget. However, we make the best of it and hopefully the design will achieve what it sets out to: education space to inspire, cultivate and instill knowledge to the younger generation.

What’s your bedroom style?

Hello Hello! I had been AWOL preparing for my 3rd Semester’s exam. So happy it is done, hopefully I did ok. It was tough this semester as the subject was difficult and the lecturer’s not so great. Had been contacted with a really bad flu & cough, poor little Ju-Hann is affected. It kills me to hear him cough at night in the middle of his sleep. Get well soon my little one.

Saw the IKEA’s newsletter sent to me last week, & I’m totally in awe with their new bedroom inspiration!! My boss once said, the bed is where you spent 50% of your life, therefore it must be the most comfortable place you’d want it to be. Sounds very serious but it’s so so true. Besides a good quality mattress and pillow, the whole bedroom should make you feel like cotton candy, a place where you want to be whether you’re happy or sad, well or unwell. My bedroom is a place where I spend precious moments having heart to heart talk with the hubs, a place where I let my baby toddler walk in and explore mommy & daddy’s world, a place where I want to be after a long and tired day.

These selection of bedroom design are among my favourites.

This ‘opposite attract’ style is what me & the hubs wanted when we design our next home. Every pattern, colour and form will be different. We will not have identical chairs, instead he will have a square black sofa and I shall have a hot pink floral settee. I believe style should be individual and who care if it’s not symmetrical? Life is always off-balance anyways.

Ahh… the messiness. I know this view is so not practical and most importantly ‘dust-collecting’. Yes, I know but it’s just the scene of a bedroom filled with tonnes of books is….’just like heaven.’

Turquoise room. Needless to say? (P.S. if you have not known, I had been having the biggest crush on turquoise 2 years ago and I painted my baby’s room with this oceanic tone.

I always think the best way for siblings to get along is to put them in the same room. This styling has an invincible line of ‘what’s yours & what’s mine’ that it’s so so adorable.

Charlie and turquoise? Perfect!

We are lucky that most of our homes that we live in have a floor space of 700sqf and above, unlike Hong Kong and New York where you have such limited space that you have to share common space such as kitchen & living, living and bedroom. Though the studio & lift concept is very much populated here in the city, still it takes a brilliant layout to make sure the place looks great and functional, like this and this.

A home is where the hear it is, well at least for me. There’s no where else I’d rather be. (my hubs call me a hermit) LOL… have a great week ahead.

All images from Ikea.

UCSI Group Showroom, update#1.

So, most of our contractor had been working hard to finish up the renovation, mainly because examination will be starting soon and any hacking/knocking work will be strictly prohibited. Work has been progressed for the past 3 weeks and it seems to all come together now, although there’ been some hiccup along the way.

GS - hacking tiles
We started the hacking work of existing tiles all the way down about 4″ thick to create a thick cement floor to ensure there won’t be any cracks in the future. At the same time, the necessary electrical trunking is laid, as well as positioning of electrical floor boxes mold. Although it’s not ideal, as there might be possible of hacking and patching work later during the installation of actual floor boxes, but we can’t afford to delay the wet works. Lessons learned no. 1: to speed up the order for these items upon confirmation of job.

GS - cement pattern
Once the area is cemented, we proceed to do a join marking with the workers to identify the pattern so that they can create a 3mm sunken level for the timber vinyl that we’ll be putting up. It’s important that we get it right as the exact same pattern will be reflected on the ceiling, only with bronze mirror.

GS - ceiling work
If you’ve previously seen the 3d visual, you’d realize our design is to put a huge-ass bronze mirror on the ceiling. On paper, it does not look that huge, but believe me, when I went to inspect the cut-sized mirror in the factory yesterday, it’s so massive that it occupies half of the factory. With proper framing done, I’m keeping my fingers cross that it will turn up the way we imagine.

GS - mirror ceiling
One of the mistake I’d make is the refusal to change the existing location of the cassette ceiling, thinking we could save some bucks. Turns out I didn’t thought through the need for future maintenance and the possibility of replacing the unit when it’s faulty. Hence, we’re looking into all possible maintenance issues by providing several mirror finish ‘manhole’. Lessons learned no.2: to always consider the convenience of maintenance into when doing costing and budget.

Light fixtures will be delivered today and the glass walls should be up soon, so yay! Can’t wait to see the finished work. Will definitely update the final product.

My little Alarm Clock.

Since I became a mother, I had been using the alarm clock off & on… When baby Ju was born till 4 months old, I will rely on him to wake me up around 5-6am crying for milk. Then I will be up doing chores and prepare to go to work. As he weaned off his early morning feed, I started to need the alarm clock again. But during the weekend, I make it a point to switch it off and this little munchkin will wake me up around 7.15am (mostly SHARP). Sometimes he will cried to be picked up, sometimes, he will just lie there and start talking to himself, other times he’d just sit there and play with his socks. Talk about self entertain eh? 🙂

That particular Saturday, as we’re both tired, we decided to bring him back to bed with us. Boy, the little things that excites a 17 month old toddler. …
Alarm Clock

It’s moments like this that make life worth living.

Little Joy.

Sometimes, it’s the little joy in life that accounts to the little happiness in life. This week, the little joy(s) I experience put a lil’ smile on my face despite the craziness preparing for my exam and coordinating tasks at work.

1. This pencil case. I had wanted to get myself a simple cheap pencil case for the convenience of travelling back and forth to work & home while doing my study. Bundle them up in a rubber band is really not practical. So when I manage to get a free transparent case from a colleague (leftover merchandise), I was happy but not too keen on the aesthetic part of it. Nevertheless, I can live with it. But this morning, hubs ask hammie to pass me this:
He bought it on the way from lunch yesterday & it only cost RM3.50. Thanks hubs! (Definitely looked better than the free one. 😛

2. Friends. This week, 2 of my rather close friends announce a rather good news. One is getting married end of the year, another just got promoted. I’m really happy for them, most of it because I was with them when they were struggling with their career/relationship. Sometimes, good things come to those who wait!

3. Blessed with a flexible nanny. Managed to swap Saturday with babysitter to take care of Hammie for the next 2 Saturdays, needed it to study for my exam. It’s like a load off my shoulder as studying in the weekdays is really ‘unrealistic’, whether its study till 12am or waking up at 5am to study, it’s really exhausting.

4. Learn a new thing. Yesterday, with the help of my electrician contractor, I managed to help him draw a linear diagram of the TCL of the office renovation that we’re undertaking. I was pulling my hair yesterday morning trying to understand what each line means. He was patient enough to explain how MCB board works, 3 phase isolater with RYB wire & yadah yadah… but basically, I manage to understand the concept & complete the whole diagram. It’s such a lil’ achievement but I feel so fulfilled.

5. This little guy. Every morning, he never fail to put a smile/laughter on my face with his silliness and random lil’ act. I love waking him up, even if it’s just for 10 minutes before we send him to the nanny, you’ll be amaze how that 10 mins will instantly lift up my mood.

UCSI International School, Springhill #3

D3S_3679 e copy
As you walk in through the main entrance, you will be greeted by the voluminous lobby with ample sunlight. The spacious lobby (as well as other common space), is designed to encourage ‘outside classroom’ learning, in coherent with IB curriculum. These days, especially in international school environment, education does not necessary come from the classroom. The teaching pedagogy nowadays veer towards an environment where you can share, discuss, communicate and develop social skills among students, as well within peers and teachers.

The lobby is designed to exudes creativity and inspiration through the selection of colours, as well as appropriate space that enables students to have fun and experience different approach of leaning. It is intended that every inch of the space is designed to double up as a ‘communal classroom’, hence the choice of furniture and ambience setting is very important.
D3S_3776 e copy

Different type of seating are carefully selected and procured all the way from Guangzhou. Modular stools and ottoman are widely used in this school to create the fun ambience.
D3S_3700 e copy
D3S_3769 e copy
D3S_3657 e copy

D3S_3782 e copyThe pendant light which originally designed to be white is immediately change to black as it does not stands out as intended. It adds on to the cost but definitely was the right move.
D3S_3650 e copyD3S_3664 e copyThe theme of geometric originally inspired from the intention to conceal the 4 main pillar in the lobby. We wanted to hide the column but yet it has to have some functions to it. It was then transformed as a glass paneling that provide gallery wall for displaying student’s work and achievement.
D3S_3686 e copy
D3S_3721 e copy

The construction of the lobby had encompass much challenges. Insufficient tiles supply, misalignment of M&E services, client changes design in the midst of construction, contractors coordination are just a few to start with. I can still remember how the cleaners were cleaning the lobby on the day of inspection. All in all, I think there’s been significant efforts from everyone who is involved in this project and I’m glad everything turns out well despite of all the sleepless nights and hair-pulling moments.