UCSI International School, Springhill #3

D3S_3679 e copy
As you walk in through the main entrance, you will be greeted by the voluminous lobby with ample sunlight. The spacious lobby (as well as other common space), is designed to encourage ‘outside classroom’ learning, in coherent with IB curriculum. These days, especially in international school environment, education does not necessary come from the classroom. The teaching pedagogy nowadays veer towards an environment where you can share, discuss, communicate and develop social skills among students, as well within peers and teachers.

The lobby is designed to exudes creativity and inspiration through the selection of colours, as well as appropriate space that enables students to have fun and experience different approach of leaning. It is intended that every inch of the space is designed to double up as a ‘communal classroom’, hence the choice of furniture and ambience setting is very important.
D3S_3776 e copy

Different type of seating are carefully selected and procured all the way from Guangzhou. Modular stools and ottoman are widely used in this school to create the fun ambience.
D3S_3700 e copy
D3S_3769 e copy
D3S_3657 e copy

D3S_3782 e copyThe pendant light which originally designed to be white is immediately change to black as it does not stands out as intended. It adds on to the cost but definitely was the right move.
D3S_3650 e copyD3S_3664 e copyThe theme of geometric originally inspired from the intention to conceal the 4 main pillar in the lobby. We wanted to hide the column but yet it has to have some functions to it. It was then transformed as a glass paneling that provide gallery wall for displaying student’s work and achievement.
D3S_3686 e copy
D3S_3721 e copy

The construction of the lobby had encompass much challenges. Insufficient tiles supply, misalignment of M&E services, client changes design in the midst of construction, contractors coordination are just a few to start with. I can still remember how the cleaners were cleaning the lobby on the day of inspection. All in all, I think there’s been significant efforts from everyone who is involved in this project and I’m glad everything turns out well despite of all the sleepless nights and hair-pulling moments.


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