Little Joy.

Sometimes, it’s the little joy in life that accounts to the little happiness in life. This week, the little joy(s) I experience put a lil’ smile on my face despite the craziness preparing for my exam and coordinating tasks at work.

1. This pencil case. I had wanted to get myself a simple cheap pencil case for the convenience of travelling back and forth to work & home while doing my study. Bundle them up in a rubber band is really not practical. So when I manage to get a free transparent case from a colleague (leftover merchandise), I was happy but not too keen on the aesthetic part of it. Nevertheless, I can live with it. But this morning, hubs ask hammie to pass me this:
He bought it on the way from lunch yesterday & it only cost RM3.50. Thanks hubs! (Definitely looked better than the free one. 😛

2. Friends. This week, 2 of my rather close friends announce a rather good news. One is getting married end of the year, another just got promoted. I’m really happy for them, most of it because I was with them when they were struggling with their career/relationship. Sometimes, good things come to those who wait!

3. Blessed with a flexible nanny. Managed to swap Saturday with babysitter to take care of Hammie for the next 2 Saturdays, needed it to study for my exam. It’s like a load off my shoulder as studying in the weekdays is really ‘unrealistic’, whether its study till 12am or waking up at 5am to study, it’s really exhausting.

4. Learn a new thing. Yesterday, with the help of my electrician contractor, I managed to help him draw a linear diagram of the TCL of the office renovation that we’re undertaking. I was pulling my hair yesterday morning trying to understand what each line means. He was patient enough to explain how MCB board works, 3 phase isolater with RYB wire & yadah yadah… but basically, I manage to understand the concept & complete the whole diagram. It’s such a lil’ achievement but I feel so fulfilled.

5. This little guy. Every morning, he never fail to put a smile/laughter on my face with his silliness and random lil’ act. I love waking him up, even if it’s just for 10 minutes before we send him to the nanny, you’ll be amaze how that 10 mins will instantly lift up my mood.


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