My little Alarm Clock.

Since I became a mother, I had been using the alarm clock off & on… When baby Ju was born till 4 months old, I will rely on him to wake me up around 5-6am crying for milk. Then I will be up doing chores and prepare to go to work. As he weaned off his early morning feed, I started to need the alarm clock again. But during the weekend, I make it a point to switch it off and this little munchkin will wake me up around 7.15am (mostly SHARP). Sometimes he will cried to be picked up, sometimes, he will just lie there and start talking to himself, other times he’d just sit there and play with his socks. Talk about self entertain eh? 🙂

That particular Saturday, as we’re both tired, we decided to bring him back to bed with us. Boy, the little things that excites a 17 month old toddler. …
Alarm Clock

It’s moments like this that make life worth living.


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