UCSI Group Showroom, update#1.

So, most of our contractor had been working hard to finish up the renovation, mainly because examination will be starting soon and any hacking/knocking work will be strictly prohibited. Work has been progressed for the past 3 weeks and it seems to all come together now, although there’ been some hiccup along the way.

GS - hacking tiles
We started the hacking work of existing tiles all the way down about 4″ thick to create a thick cement floor to ensure there won’t be any cracks in the future. At the same time, the necessary electrical trunking is laid, as well as positioning of electrical floor boxes mold. Although it’s not ideal, as there might be possible of hacking and patching work later during the installation of actual floor boxes, but we can’t afford to delay the wet works. Lessons learned no. 1: to speed up the order for these items upon confirmation of job.

GS - cement pattern
Once the area is cemented, we proceed to do a join marking with the workers to identify the pattern so that they can create a 3mm sunken level for the timber vinyl that we’ll be putting up. It’s important that we get it right as the exact same pattern will be reflected on the ceiling, only with bronze mirror.

GS - ceiling work
If you’ve previously seen the 3d visual, you’d realize our design is to put a huge-ass bronze mirror on the ceiling. On paper, it does not look that huge, but believe me, when I went to inspect the cut-sized mirror in the factory yesterday, it’s so massive that it occupies half of the factory. With proper framing done, I’m keeping my fingers cross that it will turn up the way we imagine.

GS - mirror ceiling
One of the mistake I’d make is the refusal to change the existing location of the cassette ceiling, thinking we could save some bucks. Turns out I didn’t thought through the need for future maintenance and the possibility of replacing the unit when it’s faulty. Hence, we’re looking into all possible maintenance issues by providing several mirror finish ‘manhole’. Lessons learned no.2: to always consider the convenience of maintenance into when doing costing and budget.

Light fixtures will be delivered today and the glass walls should be up soon, so yay! Can’t wait to see the finished work. Will definitely update the final product.


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