What’s your bedroom style?

Hello Hello! I had been AWOL preparing for my 3rd Semester’s exam. So happy it is done, hopefully I did ok. It was tough this semester as the subject was difficult and the lecturer’s not so great. Had been contacted with a really bad flu & cough, poor little Ju-Hann is affected. It kills me to hear him cough at night in the middle of his sleep. Get well soon my little one.

Saw the IKEA’s newsletter sent to me last week, & I’m totally in awe with their new bedroom inspiration!! My boss once said, the bed is where you spent 50% of your life, therefore it must be the most comfortable place you’d want it to be. Sounds very serious but it’s so so true. Besides a good quality mattress and pillow, the whole bedroom should make you feel like cotton candy, a place where you want to be whether you’re happy or sad, well or unwell. My bedroom is a place where I spend precious moments having heart to heart talk with the hubs, a place where I let my baby toddler walk in and explore mommy & daddy’s world, a place where I want to be after a long and tired day.

These selection of bedroom design are among my favourites.

This ‘opposite attract’ style is what me & the hubs wanted when we design our next home. Every pattern, colour and form will be different. We will not have identical chairs, instead he will have a square black sofa and I shall have a hot pink floral settee. I believe style should be individual and who care if it’s not symmetrical? Life is always off-balance anyways.

Ahh… the messiness. I know this view is so not practical and most importantly ‘dust-collecting’. Yes, I know but it’s just the scene of a bedroom filled with tonnes of books is….’just like heaven.’

Turquoise room. Needless to say? (P.S. if you have not known, I had been having the biggest crush on turquoise 2 years ago and I painted my baby’s room with this oceanic tone.

I always think the best way for siblings to get along is to put them in the same room. This styling has an invincible line of ‘what’s yours & what’s mine’ that it’s so so adorable.

Charlie and turquoise? Perfect!

We are lucky that most of our homes that we live in have a floor space of 700sqf and above, unlike Hong Kong and New York where you have such limited space that you have to share common space such as kitchen & living, living and bedroom. Though the studio & lift concept is very much populated here in the city, still it takes a brilliant layout to make sure the place looks great and functional, like this and this.

A home is where the hear it is, well at least for me. There’s no where else I’d rather be. (my hubs call me a hermit) LOL… have a great week ahead.

All images from Ikea.


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