our little getaway…

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Last week, the hubbs and I, together with our 19th months old toddler pack our bags and spend the night at the Palace of the Golden Horses at Seri Kembangan. It was a yearly complimentary room night entitlement for the wellness membership that we signed up years ago. This was the first time we stayed in a hotel since the birth of that munchkin, I was quite nervous as of how’s he’s going to sleep without his own crib. If you know my son well enough, you will understand my anxiety and fret. Often in the morning when we open the door to wake him up, we would find him in all sorts of awkward sleeping position, such as this:
Ju's sleeping position

I often wonder what did he do in the middle of his sleep. Does he dream about kickboxing with other toddlers? Or play hide & seek with little fairies who visits him at night. 🙂
So anyways, we end up squeezing in one single bed, and the kid sleeps on another, while the hubbs wakes up constantly to adjust the pillows as the buffer in case he falls off.
It wasn’t as enjoyable as Ju-Hann had a feverish cold and that deterred us from getting into the pool. However it was nice to get away from home once in awhile, just to watch TV on plush beds, enjoy the lush bathroom with bath tub, tropical shower and plenty of fresh clean towels. For the very first time, I certainly allow baby Ju to made a mess & go crazy! (Ooops!)
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Wish you all have a lovely weekend soaking!

*new* Interface Hospitality carpet tile

Screenshot 2014-05-27 11.23.52
Recently, my supplier brought me a brand new range of Interface Hospitality carpet tile samples, mainly ‘A Cut Above’, ‘Hip Over History’ and ‘Over The Edge’. I was in awe! This is the first time I’ve seen such elaborated pattern and mix of hues being integrated into carpet tiles, instead of the typical ‘linear’ and ‘floral’ pattern. Designers are often limited by the design of carpet tiles as the patterns are often repetitive and constrain by the small tile size (50 x 50cm or 60 x 60cm). Interface hospitality range now provides a bigger tile size (1 x 1m), which enables the ability to provide strong visual impact of patterns on your floor. They also introduce another smaller tile size- 25 x 100cm to provide the flexibility of design (without wastage) and the various laying method such as herringbone & ashlar.
Screenshot 2014-05-27 11.20.20
Screenshot 2014-05-27 11.20.26
Screenshot 2014-05-27 11.20.10
Carrying the tagline of ‘We make carpet tile, but we sell design’, interface truly presents the limitless ways to dress up the floor by combining different pattern and the mixture shades of matching palette. Famous for its sustainable and eco ethos, this range uses 100% recycled content type 6 Nylon and a CRI Green Label Plus, I presume this range would come with a hefty price tag. I had made some selection for our hospitality project and we shall see if the price is value for money. After all, with similar price, would you choose carpet tiles over broadloom carpet which are able to gives you the plush feel when you walk on it?
Screenshot 2014-05-27 11.23.59
Screenshot 2014-05-27 11.24.38
Screenshot 2014-05-27 11.24.47
Screenshot 2014-05-27 11.24.51
Screenshot 2014-05-27 11.25.00
All images are retrieved from Interface Hospitality, for more design inspiration, check out their blog.

Eureka moment.

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Yesterday afternoon, I was glancing through various design blog trying to merge some design ideas into the concept which I had thought for our upcoming hospitality project in East Malaysia. Somehow, my ideas was in bits & pieces & it just doesn’t come together. While flipping though our material library going through some carpet catalogues, I came across a visually very interesting pattern & Voila! I had a Eureka moment, & suddenly everything just come together. I quickly open up my sketch book and let the ideas start flowing!

Now, my brain is drained. But it’s such a fulfilling feeling. Have you ever had your eureka moment?
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UCSI Group Showroom, update #2

2014-05-20 10.52.10
As of now, the Group Showroom is close to 80% completed, we just need to:
1. Furnish the space with loose fitting.
2. Put up the display paneling + print work
3. Housekeeping & clean the space till it sparkle!
4. Fill in merchandise items & some humans… 🙂

2014-05-20 10.55.45
2014-05-20 10.51.32
One of the most challenging for this project is the feature mirror ceiling. As I previously describe in my precedent post of the project, here and here, the mirror ceiling installation took 2 weeks to fabricate, 1 week to install & 4 people to just to put up a piece! The massive size is made up of randomly prefab cut-size mirror with such extensive labeling in order for the workers to be able to fit the right piece. It literally is like a jigsaw puzzle. 🙂 We even have to make custom ‘mirror manhole’ for the ceiling cassette AC to ensure that maintenance works are able to be conducted as this mirror ceiling are here to stay, for a long time.
2014-04-24 18.09.42
2014-04-24 18.09.17
2014-04-28 15.35.45
Once glued to the plywood above, these pieces of glass will need to be supported by stilts of wood sticks to ensure it’s stability for a few days, snd this is what it eventually looks like. I gasp the when all the stilts are up, i looks like you’re in an abstract ‘woods’ (forest).
2014-04-28 15.29.50
2014-04-28 15.30.32
2014-04-28 15.30.07
It’s been 2 years since I drafted the design for this space, I still remember this vividly as it was the first project I worked on since I return from my maternity leave in December 2012. Hopefully the next update will be the completed showcase gallery!
2014-04-24 10.43.15

New project

Phew, after a week of whirlwind rushing for a newly acquired project, finally I’d finished the job of the rendering portion! Through an acquaintance, I was approached to produce superfast 3d visuals for a very rushed project. I managed to get the brief (on my off day) last Friday, and started working on the 3d since last Saturday. Finally after 1 week of non-stop amendment and changes, I am proud to be able to commit to the deadline on last Saturday 10th May. This 12,000sqf office consist of several group of companies under their 1 HQ. Though I was already give the space planning (which changes profusely) and the ideation of the design concept, still, to churn out the 3d from scratch within a really tight schedule is really challenging.

Below are the completed renderings. Freshly baked. 🙂

Lobby and VIP Area
MP-corridor 2
MP-board room
MP-vip dining

Open Office Area
open office 3

Can’t wait for the project to kick starts and see it come to fruition! If you’re interested to view more of our works, do log on to our website or contact us at enquiry@dots.com.my to engages us whether it’s 3d visual renderings, design consultation or design & built.

Ju-Hann lately…

2014-05-13 08.21.08-2
Can’t help but smile every time I see the pictures and videos that we captured the day that little munchkin went to the pool for the very first time. He’s so so cute. I admire his courage for not being afraid when we put him in the pool, in fact he was rather at ease. Way to go Hammie! I hope you’ll be a great swimmer someday like da-da. Lately, this little man learns things so quickly that it cracks us up sometime. He now knows how to:
1. walk to the kitchen & point to the fridge when I ask him ‘do you want yoghurt?’
2. Calls banana ‘nana’
3. watch Despicable me for a longer duration (& not just the minions part)
4. insert dvd into the player & closes it
5. Dance to MJ’s ‘black & white’
6. Gives hugs & kisses (only when asked)
7. Say ‘Oh God’
8. Recognize the letter ‘O’
9. be picky on his food
10. cover his face with his tiny hands when he does not get what he wants (his way of sulking)

They grow up so fast that sometimes I wish they’ll just remain little.

Grateful for knowledge.

A year ago, I decided to further my studies in Master in Project Management. It was one of the best (& toughest) decision I’ve ever made. To be honest, there were so many times when I felt like giving up, especially during the first 2 semester where I doubt myself whether I’d made the ‘sane decision’. I mean what was I thinking? I had a full time job and a new born; not to mention hubs was working and travelling all the time. Even my mother-in-law ask me why would I burden myself with this, as if mentally, physically, financially I’ve not got my hands full. But at the back of my mind, I know I had to do this for myself. I just couldn’t settle. I need something more to keep me going.

Fast forward 1 year later, I’m so glad and grateful I choose to go down this road. Although it’s only been a year, I’d learn so much things outside of architectural and interior design. I’ve got the chance to meet new people from various industry and background, and admire them for their extra efforts (some of my classmates drives all the way from Kuantan and Kerteh to attend class since 4am, and one of them is actually OKU). I learned there’s so much more than selecting the right finishes, draw precise technical drawings and construction work. It has been a very fulfilling journey and I hope it will continue to be so.

And so today I would like to tell my husband how proud I am to know that he is taking the courage to further his study as well. I hope we will set good example to baby Ju-Hann for our thirst of knowledge and to always remember to ‘Stay Hungry, Stay Foolish’. We can do this dear, we just have to want it badly enough and trust that God will guide us from here.


Good friends are hard to come by.

2013-10-05 17.43.36
Anyone who knows me, knows I have very little friends. I mean I have about 300+ friends on my FB, but those that I really keep in touch are a handful. I am blessed to have such great friends in my life. You know who you are! 🙂

One particular friend that I treasure is Ms. Siti Khatijah. I knew her when she started work with UCSI, not too long after I join. My impression of her is this smiley-happy-go-lucky sunflower who never fails to brighten up my day. She is always full of positive energy, kind, caring and most of all have a very very big & generous heart. As much as we have our background differences, we also share some similarities that probably brought us closer than ever. I am happy for her when she was offered a great job opportunity 2 years ago, and since then we had both gotten married, had a baby and now working hard towards making a good living for our family.

Every moment spend seems so precious, I vowed to always treasure my friendship with her.
2014-05-02 17.34.04

Happy Mother’s Day

This post is especially dedicated to my dearest mother. Until I became a mother myself, I never knew how hard (yet amazing & rewarding) motherhood could be. What amazed me most is you did it all by yourself. Thank you mom for your unconditional love, care and support. I am what I am today because of you.

Happy mother’s day to my dearest mommy. We love you very much!

Hammie’s new play area.

Ever since I saw the collection launched by Oh Joy for Land of Nod, I had an idea to revamp Ju-Hann’s room. Baby Ju had grown up so fast, from a tiny winsy baby, to a super active, curiosity-driven little guy. So one fine day, hubs and I went furnishing hunting at IKEA. We bought the Beboeliq Tent and throw in some pillow, Voila, you get a happy toddler! I guess they’re pretty excited to have a little hiding place of their own.

Apart from that, we also bought Lillabo toy vehicles and a graphical rugs that depicts the city and the road side maps. Baby Ju loves to play with car, hopefully he’ll start cruising the car along the ‘roads’. 🙂 All in all, it was a huge success, hubs was worried that baby Ju might not be interested but boy was he wrong! That little guy was so psyched when he sees it! The expression is priceless and makes it all worth it.
We hope you love the little makeover in your room kiddo, hopefully we’ll able to switch you to a big boy’s bed soon.