Good friends are hard to come by.

2013-10-05 17.43.36
Anyone who knows me, knows I have very little friends. I mean I have about 300+ friends on my FB, but those that I really keep in touch are a handful. I am blessed to have such great friends in my life. You know who you are! 🙂

One particular friend that I treasure is Ms. Siti Khatijah. I knew her when she started work with UCSI, not too long after I join. My impression of her is this smiley-happy-go-lucky sunflower who never fails to brighten up my day. She is always full of positive energy, kind, caring and most of all have a very very big & generous heart. As much as we have our background differences, we also share some similarities that probably brought us closer than ever. I am happy for her when she was offered a great job opportunity 2 years ago, and since then we had both gotten married, had a baby and now working hard towards making a good living for our family.

Every moment spend seems so precious, I vowed to always treasure my friendship with her.
2014-05-02 17.34.04


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