Ju-Hann lately…

2014-05-13 08.21.08-2
Can’t help but smile every time I see the pictures and videos that we captured the day that little munchkin went to the pool for the very first time. He’s so so cute. I admire his courage for not being afraid when we put him in the pool, in fact he was rather at ease. Way to go Hammie! I hope you’ll be a great swimmer someday like da-da. Lately, this little man learns things so quickly that it cracks us up sometime. He now knows how to:
1. walk to the kitchen & point to the fridge when I ask him ‘do you want yoghurt?’
2. Calls banana ‘nana’
3. watch Despicable me for a longer duration (& not just the minions part)
4. insert dvd into the player & closes it
5. Dance to MJ’s ‘black & white’
6. Gives hugs & kisses (only when asked)
7. Say ‘Oh God’
8. Recognize the letter ‘O’
9. be picky on his food
10. cover his face with his tiny hands when he does not get what he wants (his way of sulking)

They grow up so fast that sometimes I wish they’ll just remain little.


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