New project

Phew, after a week of whirlwind rushing for a newly acquired project, finally I’d finished the job of the rendering portion! Through an acquaintance, I was approached to produce superfast 3d visuals for a very rushed project. I managed to get the brief (on my off day) last Friday, and started working on the 3d since last Saturday. Finally after 1 week of non-stop amendment and changes, I am proud to be able to commit to the deadline on last Saturday 10th May. This 12,000sqf office consist of several group of companies under their 1 HQ. Though I was already give the space planning (which changes profusely) and the ideation of the design concept, still, to churn out the 3d from scratch within a really tight schedule is really challenging.

Below are the completed renderings. Freshly baked. 🙂

Lobby and VIP Area
MP-corridor 2
MP-board room
MP-vip dining

Open Office Area
open office 3

Can’t wait for the project to kick starts and see it come to fruition! If you’re interested to view more of our works, do log on to our website or contact us at to engages us whether it’s 3d visual renderings, design consultation or design & built.


4 thoughts on “New project

  1. Hygiene mistake due to hand wash located in end in cafeteria.
    I see one problem in most office design. Cafeteria has hand wash located at the end. As a result, employees enter cafeteria, take their food and eat it, and then put their plates, and after that wash their hands at the hand wash location.
    Can you please amend the changes in the cafeteria where hand wash should appear in the start/entrance of cafeteria and thus employees do hand wash, and take food then.


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