UCSI Group Showroom, update #2

2014-05-20 10.52.10
As of now, the Group Showroom is close to 80% completed, we just need to:
1. Furnish the space with loose fitting.
2. Put up the display paneling + print work
3. Housekeeping & clean the space till it sparkle!
4. Fill in merchandise items & some humans… 🙂

2014-05-20 10.55.45
2014-05-20 10.51.32
One of the most challenging for this project is the feature mirror ceiling. As I previously describe in my precedent post of the project, here and here, the mirror ceiling installation took 2 weeks to fabricate, 1 week to install & 4 people to just to put up a piece! The massive size is made up of randomly prefab cut-size mirror with such extensive labeling in order for the workers to be able to fit the right piece. It literally is like a jigsaw puzzle. 🙂 We even have to make custom ‘mirror manhole’ for the ceiling cassette AC to ensure that maintenance works are able to be conducted as this mirror ceiling are here to stay, for a long time.
2014-04-24 18.09.42
2014-04-24 18.09.17
2014-04-28 15.35.45
Once glued to the plywood above, these pieces of glass will need to be supported by stilts of wood sticks to ensure it’s stability for a few days, snd this is what it eventually looks like. I gasp the when all the stilts are up, i looks like you’re in an abstract ‘woods’ (forest).
2014-04-28 15.29.50
2014-04-28 15.30.32
2014-04-28 15.30.07
It’s been 2 years since I drafted the design for this space, I still remember this vividly as it was the first project I worked on since I return from my maternity leave in December 2012. Hopefully the next update will be the completed showcase gallery!
2014-04-24 10.43.15


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