*new* Interface Hospitality carpet tile

Screenshot 2014-05-27 11.23.52
Recently, my supplier brought me a brand new range of Interface Hospitality carpet tile samples, mainly ‘A Cut Above’, ‘Hip Over History’ and ‘Over The Edge’. I was in awe! This is the first time I’ve seen such elaborated pattern and mix of hues being integrated into carpet tiles, instead of the typical ‘linear’ and ‘floral’ pattern. Designers are often limited by the design of carpet tiles as the patterns are often repetitive and constrain by the small tile size (50 x 50cm or 60 x 60cm). Interface hospitality range now provides a bigger tile size (1 x 1m), which enables the ability to provide strong visual impact of patterns on your floor. They also introduce another smaller tile size- 25 x 100cm to provide the flexibility of design (without wastage) and the various laying method such as herringbone & ashlar.
Screenshot 2014-05-27 11.20.20
Screenshot 2014-05-27 11.20.26
Screenshot 2014-05-27 11.20.10
Carrying the tagline of ‘We make carpet tile, but we sell design’, interface truly presents the limitless ways to dress up the floor by combining different pattern and the mixture shades of matching palette. Famous for its sustainable and eco ethos, this range uses 100% recycled content type 6 Nylon and a CRI Green Label Plus, I presume this range would come with a hefty price tag. I had made some selection for our hospitality project and we shall see if the price is value for money. After all, with similar price, would you choose carpet tiles over broadloom carpet which are able to gives you the plush feel when you walk on it?
Screenshot 2014-05-27 11.23.59
Screenshot 2014-05-27 11.24.38
Screenshot 2014-05-27 11.24.47
Screenshot 2014-05-27 11.24.51
Screenshot 2014-05-27 11.25.00
All images are retrieved from Interface Hospitality, for more design inspiration, check out their blog.


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