What do you call your child?

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Ju-Hann has lots of nick name. It started with ‘Hammie’, because hubs said he looks like a little hamster when he’s was in my tummy. Hence, my FB friends often ask ‘How’s hammie’? Lol.

Names I called him includes – 宝贝/贝贝, darling or ling ling, Ju-Hann or Ju-Ju.
Names I called him on social media – Puffball / munchkin
His grandparents call him – boy/boy-boy or darling boy.
Our babysitter and her family calls him – 阿b (short cut for baby since he was a newborn).
Hubs only calls him by his name – Ju-Hann. ( & lately tofu-leg because he’s too clumsy)
Hubs & I when referring to him without his presence – 孩子.

I’m just amaze that he responses to all these names. Love you baby Ju-Hann. Be good, mommy shall see you in a bit!

Work trip to Cat City.

Last Thursday, I flew down to Kuching city together with my boss and our project director. Our hotel project will kick start soon and we needed to meet with the consultants to finalized specs, requirements and drawings to call for tender by mid of July this year. I’d always enjoyed work trip like this but always end up so exhausted as soon as I reach home. I conked off and only woke up 11am the next day! Nevertheless, it was a fruitful trip and my team & I definitely have plenty to do prior the deadline. We also managed to visit hotel in Four Points by Sheraton and Imperial Hotel within the vicinity.  cat city 11 cat city 3 cat city 2Visited the project site for the very first time, I can visualize the foot print of the space, it’s humongous! Piling works are 40% progress, which are way way behind schedule, seeing that we need to start the building structure works by October. The 4-star hotel is situated at the Isthmus Island, facing the coast of the river, magnificent view I tell ya!

Below are the some initial design of the standard suites. Targeting corporate and business clients mostly, the design concept is to exudes tranquility and relaxation when guest stepped into the hotel. Interior landscape and pockets of greenery will be integrated into this modern contemporary hotel while maintaining the rich culture of one of the oldest city in Malaysia. Stay tune for more design update.

Other 3d visuals for the hotel can be view here.

20 months! Where did it go?

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Today our baby turn 20 months old. Coincidentally, today is hubs and I’s 3rd wedding anniversary as well. We’d been married for 5 years and I’d known him for 10. Although I cringe on how time has passed by so quickly, I also realized time is a wonderful way of showing what really matters in Life. It’s been a roller coaster year, glad we’re still going strong.

To my precious baby: You’d grown so much since the day we cradle you in our arms. Everyday, you’re getting a little smarter, at the same time you still do the same thing over and over. You still sleeps with awkward position, you still get frenzied over bed time milk, you still love your minions (more than ever). I’m not sure when you’ll kick off these little habitual, but for now, you’re still my baby and I will savour every moment of it.

Happy 20 months old baby Ju!

{That little munchkin will grab whatever’s on the table top these days!}

Few favourite things – June 2014

Just realized this post was stucked in my draft list from a month ago. Just bits & pieces of my then favourite.. (& still is). Enjoy! Untitled-1 Phew! it’s been a crazy week full of family engagements, works, design jobs (old & new), some fitness regime (at the gym & at home), toddler playtime, catch up with reading & most of all anticipating my new semester. Almost fainted yesterday when I obtained my module: Cost Appraisal and … Just look at the amount of calculation. God-save-me. Apart from that, I think International Project Management should be quite interesting, if the assignment is about choosing a case study, I’ll definitely pick IKEA! Heee…. Still have two weeks before I start class, hence I’m trying to do as much as I can. Spending time with the family is one of it. Another is to quickly finish my projects on hand so I can start my new semester without having to pull my hair off. 1. SKII skincare regime Tried many types of skincare brand, somehow only SKII gives me the brighter & more even complexion. 2. Crabtree & Evelyn’s Wisteria hand cream This is a birthday gift from my bestie. Totally in love with it. 3. Locittane Amande firming oil Another birthday gift, from the hubs. Not too sure of the firming part but this smells divine! 4. Rosken Feet & Heel balm Just one word to describe this: Effective. Had been suffering from cracked heels due to heavy walking to the project sites, just a few night of application, the cracks is healed! (P.S.: Put on your favourite pair of socks after application helps the skin to absorbed the balm) 5. Clinique happy heart I’m not sure if it’s the name, but I love this perfume! Hubbs bought me Clinique happy and I had finished the jumbo version. Just a few sprays & it made me instantly …happy! 🙂

UCSI International School, Springhill #4

One of the most eye-catching area which one cannot ignore when you walk into the school is certainly the corridors in between the wings. As described in my previous post, the school consist of 2 floors of classrooms and 2 floors of hostels where they’re equally divided into 2 wings, Primary & Secondary. Because the classrooms and hostel are designed to be so identical, to avoid confusion, we wanted to make it as colour oriented as possible so students instantly recognize whether they’re on the right floor/wings.

When the super structure was 40% complete, the client felt that the classroom corridors on each floors are too restrictive and small, resulting a demand to enlarge the corridors width by 20%. However, when the correction was requested, the pilling of the entire building have been laid therefore it would be nearly impossible to fulfill the client’s request. Despite the consultants advise, the client were pretty adamant about having the corridor to be widened by 2 feet minimum. If you look at the diagram below, the red line indicates the existing wall. If the wall were to move inward to create wider corridor, that will leave the column exposed unevenly on the corridor, which is terribly unsightly considering the columns are made of different sizes and orientation.

I still remember I was so stressed that night I stayed back in the office thinking how to solve this mega problem. Finally the hubs came and took me out for dinner, & I keep ranting how impossible the client is and how it will affect the overall outlook, budget bla bla bla… So during dinner, we brainstorm and finally came up with an amicable solution to recede the wall line on each side of the corridor to fulfill the client request, without sacrificing the aesthetic outlook.  Using colours and some geometry concept, we came out with this brilliant idea to ‘conceal’ the exposed columns  through a simple design of having a frame-like feature tunneling the entire corridor.

We got so excited that we went back to the office at 10pm to generate a simple rendering such as this:
IS-laboratories facade 4IS-laboratories facade 3ele rendering

The client loved the idea and so we applied it throughout the 4 sections of the building from ground floor to 3rd floor. Each colour composition represents different area. I will let the images do the talking.corridor G corridor Ga
corridor 1
corridor 1a
corridor 2
corridor 2a

Someone made a remark that the last pic that shows the Secondary female hostel looks like ‘National Geographic’ tunnel. Lol, indeed! The colour turns out more vibrant than I expected, with specially curated typography for the signages and appropriate ambience lighting, I was really happy the way it turned out. The design was cheap, fast and exuberates such energetic vibes that it really makes me feel like going back to school!

What do you think?

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