Few favourite things – June 2014

Just realized this post was stucked in my draft list from a month ago. Just bits & pieces of my then favourite.. (& still is). Enjoy! Untitled-1 Phew! it’s been a crazy week full of family engagements, works, design jobs (old & new), some fitness regime (at the gym & at home), toddler playtime, catch up with reading & most of all anticipating my new semester. Almost fainted yesterday when I obtained my module: Cost Appraisal and … Just look at the amount of calculation. God-save-me. Apart from that, I think International Project Management should be quite interesting, if the assignment is about choosing a case study, I’ll definitely pick IKEA! Heee…. Still have two weeks before I start class, hence I’m trying to do as much as I can. Spending time with the family is one of it. Another is to quickly finish my projects on hand so I can start my new semester without having to pull my hair off. 1. SKII skincare regime Tried many types of skincare brand, somehow only SKII gives me the brighter & more even complexion. 2. Crabtree & Evelyn’s Wisteria hand cream This is a birthday gift from my bestie. Totally in love with it. 3. Locittane Amande firming oil Another birthday gift, from the hubs. Not too sure of the firming part but this smells divine! 4. Rosken Feet & Heel balm Just one word to describe this: Effective. Had been suffering from cracked heels due to heavy walking to the project sites, just a few night of application, the cracks is healed! (P.S.: Put on your favourite pair of socks after application helps the skin to absorbed the balm) 5. Clinique happy heart I’m not sure if it’s the name, but I love this perfume! Hubbs bought me Clinique happy and I had finished the jumbo version. Just a few sprays & it made me instantly …happy! 🙂


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