What do you call your child?

Processed with VSCOcam with g3 preset

Ju-Hann has lots of nick name. It started with ‘Hammie’, because hubs said he looks like a little hamster when he’s was in my tummy. Hence, my FB friends often ask ‘How’s hammie’? Lol.

Names I called him includes – 宝贝/贝贝, darling or ling ling, Ju-Hann or Ju-Ju.
Names I called him on social media – Puffball / munchkin
His grandparents call him – boy/boy-boy or darling boy.
Our babysitter and her family calls him – 阿b (short cut for baby since he was a newborn).
Hubs only calls him by his name – Ju-Hann. ( & lately tofu-leg because he’s too clumsy)
Hubs & I when referring to him without his presence – 孩子.

I’m just amaze that he responses to all these names. Love you baby Ju-Hann. Be good, mommy shall see you in a bit!


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