aunt G
Yesterday was a public holiday for us. We did not have any specific plan for the day, just casually went out for breakfast and grocery shopping, and spend the rest of the day at home, doing chores & babysit that little munchkin. What happen throughout the day is very unexpected though. Received news from a close friend having being diagnosed the big C and had just went through a major surgery. It was shocking and we couldn’t believe it. The next thing we know, we both booked a ticket to fly down to see her this weekend.

Late in the evening, fire broke out in of the unit opposite our apartment. It was rather chaotic, thankfully hubs brave himself and put out the fire before the fire brigade arrived.

At night, we got to know from FB one of hubs friend had given birth to a baby girl that has down syndrome, to make it worse, she has holes in her heart. She is currently stable and requires no surgery, however, one can only picture how challenging the days are ahead of her.

It is things like this that made you realized how fragile life can be. Having heard the news and witness the calamity right in front of your own eyes, you start to ponder, when you’ll be the next one? Life throws you unexpected surprises and I guess when it really happens, you just got to take the bull by the horn and hope that you will survive, and your survival will inspire others as well.

On a site note, the only good thing happen is that hub’s profile was published on Sin Chew Daily. So proud of him for his passion, contribution and achievement in the Education sector for the past 15 years. It’s a good closure for us to move forward.

{Picture above taken on 26th March 2014, during the wake of my aunty Gini, whom I loved and missed so much. To date, I still can’t believe I’ll never see her again. Life is short, start living.}


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