This is a shared post from FB, written by the hubs. Link from here. It clearly reflects what we, as Malaysian is experiencing now. My thoughts and prayers to those deeply affected by MH370 & MH17 tragedy.

Miracle, believe in one to experience one.

Ok, I’m supposed to be doing my assignment, but I think I’m dozing off trying to write about leadership style, so I’m taking 15 mins to finish this note.

Yesterday both me and my wife, took time to visit a dear old friend who is facing some health complications. Due to the privacy act imposed by the government, I don’t think I can indulge the details of our friend and the problem he/she is facing 😛 Nevertheless, seeing who our friend who is facing this grim situation with much positivity and unwavering trust in God, we both find a little solace and at the same time rekindled the journey that brought us together on our flight back to KL. 

2014 has been an extremely challenging year for both of us, and it is only fair to say the same for most Malaysian too, well at least for those who loves the country for the right reasons. Like everyone else, we both are not exempted by the shock that reverberates chills to our backbone, twice, by the national tragedies that perished two MH flights. Along with it, devouring almost 600 souls and left many with a wounded heart.

Then there is the endless bickering of bigots, stroking racial tension and religious rhetoric that never existed except amongst politicians who deliberately used it to divide and rule the country. Instead of spending more time in helping the poor, needy and homeless; they went a rampage of child abduction, bride arresting at weddings and body snatching at funerals. They can even afford to allocate time and money to nurture left-wing extremist in the heart of London but they can’t stand the stench of homeless people in KL city centre and the soup kitchens that is trying to help who never asked help or monies from the powers to be. Ironic isn’t it.

While the nation is in a mess, coincidently it is reflected on our lives as well. With both of us losing the passion and drive at our work, sedated with daily recycled work problems and surrounded by innuendos of egoistical tyrants, the view was gloomy as hell.  We were screaming for an exist from the torturous predicament however God was not leaving any bread crumbs for us to work with. But still we continue to pray and desperately hope for a way out of this maze which was draining the life and love out of our marriage.

Then it came, the changes that we have hoped for, and it came like a swift lighting, enough to left us stunted in the state of disbelief. We were given a chance to turn a new chapter, to do things that embodied our passion and dreams. We went back to hit the books, changing the direction of our careers, working with people that appreciate our talent and most of all, more time to create moments of joy with our family and friends.

Ok it has taken almost 30 minutes to write this, have to put a dot here and get back to work, homework to be exact.  But let our parting words between you and this are article be “MIRACLE”. The name of the perfume that we brought as a gift to our dear friend who is fighting the battle of his/her life, may we all believe in it as we all need it.

God is a miracle.

{Image from Fragrantica}


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