Gahh..! My baby’s growing up!


da-da + Ju-hann

That day, while the hubs feeding our almost 2 yo toddler, I saw a mirror image & immediately decide to take a photo. When I compose it together, the picture above bring tears to my eyes. Can’t believe my baby has grown up so much & preparing for pre-kindergarten next year! I need to take him to get his photo taken! Sobsss….. ūüė•

I have no description but to say that I’m proud at the very best, at the same time I’m sad that my baby is no longer the tiny little furball that gurgle, chuckle¬†and wave his hand & feet like a little chicken.

Love you darling. Muacks!


Thank you.

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Today mark my last day in UCSI. I still remember when I first joined, I was still the wide-eyed girl, gleaming at all the new things to learn, absorb and explore, cry over matters such as mean contractors and clients. Fast forward 5 years, I’m married with a kid, grown matured and learning to see the big picture every single day.¬†People come and go, & I’m glad I made good friends whom I will forever cherish.

Thank you to my Dots team, for all your help & assistance. I am not the best team leader, but I hope you had gained as much learning as I did. Always remember our tagline ‘Every masterpiece begins with a dot’, & do your¬†very best.

Thank you to my fellow GLMO colleagues, who had been through thick & thin with me during the entire journey. I know, & I believe that UCSI will persevere & go beyond, simply because it is made of a big family who are buckled with unwavering faith and perseverance, just like our founder.

Thank you to my boss/mentor CK & Dato’ Peter, for giving me the opportunity for all that I had achieved. Thank you for the support and all the open doors, I am truly grateful for that.

I would like to take this opportunity to apologize if I had ever offended you in any other ways. I wish you all the best in your future undertakings.

5 retail store I wish we have in Malaysia.

West Elm¬†– This is another version of IKEA, only ¬†difference is that it’s not self service and the pieces here are more sophisticated and durable. The show room is to-die-for. I will camp here all night if I’m allowed.

The Container Store  РThis is the Sephora for organizational freaks like my hubbs. I think he will go crazy in this store. They have everything, from cloth hangers to glassware to a wide array of dustbin!

Waterstone РCan you believe this is where I used to spend my days  here when I was in the UK??!. Gosh, miss it so badly. I remember I walk in, and immediately felt a rush of Happiness, Joy and Contentment.

Yankee Candles РThis shop is like a candy store galore, the only thing is that it sells all types of candles and anything that relate to candle! They have glitter candles, tumbler candle, swirl candle, you name it.

Land of Nod¬†– Okay, this is not the exact store that I will be spending my money in, simple because I don’t¬†believe in¬†splurging on things like this for my kid, nevertheless, it would be fun to be soaked in all the cuteness¬†in the store.

Pre-School hunting

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Had been doing research on some decent pre-school for my baby boy. It turns out, there’re tonnes! There’s Montessori school, Waldorf School, Play-based Learning &¬†others.¬†Besides, there’s so much to consider, i.e.: learning environment, facility hygiene, location, security, and of course the price tag. While I tell myself not to go all ‘crazy mom’ and stress myself over¬†this¬†process, I want to find a decent pre-school for hammie, while fitting it into both hubs & my full-time work schedule. But I’m also aware, there’s no perfect one, something’s gotta give.

So wish me luck go Kindy hunting!

Study mode.


Finally, I’m done with The Exam. We spend all night & day memorizing the exam question that the lecturer provide us, and guess what, it didn’t came out at the exam at all?!?! Gosh, I just prayed that I can pass, hate the idea of repeating the subject,¬†especially when we’re so close to the¬†finishing line. Regardless, I’m as¬†free as a bird and is ready to take on the world! Yippee yaya!

I’m gonna do so much things i.e.: read my favourite book, watch my TV series, spring cleaning my ‘possession’… and doing plenty of research about my MA Project, my thesis, which I shall share much later.
Anyways, when I was studying for the pass few days, I realize a few tricks that could keep you from dozing off, which I find really helpful to keep my mind fresh while studying. Here is:

1. Find a corner with plenty of sun light to study. The sun ray somehow just keeps you inspired & thus help with your brain absorbing & process all the facts that you just read.
2. Put on a face mask. This works best in the afternoon when the sun is blazing up. It just freshen you up instantly.
3. If you’re memorizing, do light housework at the same time¬†(i.e.: vacuum, watering the plants). When you’re body is moving, you can remember better (it works for me).
4. Of course, when all else fail, a cuppa good coffee will be just what you need.

These are just some of my personal experience, it might or might not work for¬†anyone,¬†but worth a try when you’re desperate. ūüôā


Hammie at Gymboree.

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Weeks ago, we decided to sign up Gymboree class for little Ju-Hann. Reason? As full time working parents, the amount of time we spent with him¬†is very limited. Barely 1-2 hours averagely on the weekdays, weekend is the only time we get to spend with him. Often, we were so bogged down by other things ie house chores, assignments and work (sometimes) that I see myself guiltily switch on Despicable Me 2 (my virtual nanny) on the TV, so he could sit quietly & we both can get some work done. Now that he’s grown into toddlerhood, we notice he picks up things really fast and we often wonder, did we do enough to expand his leaning ability?

So Gymboree is like a pre pre-school class where kids of similar age are grouped together to enhance their social skills, at the same time, they get to develop their motor skills with the child-play equipment. The package that we signed up also includes flexible art and music class. After several classes, I’m glad to say baby Ju do enjoy himself, especially when it comes to ‘bubble catching’. ūüėõ

Although the fees is astronomical, we think its something we need to commit to, whether its the money, time or the effort.

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Till the end…


During today’s lunch break, was chatting away with the hubs, I was explaining to him what’s a ‘claw foot bathtub’ (which he doesn’t seem to comprehend), while he telling me about¬†how he bought his¬†lunch from an isolated store because the aunty didn’t have lots of customers… (yes, we’re that random), and then we¬†go on about how our dream house will be a mix of classic + contemporary’ because we have both very different taste. Then I send him the above pic to tell him that our house will probably look like that. Note the different chairs, lamp & even the mug!

Suddenly it strikes me, I’m in my late 20’s & he’s in his mid 30’s, we’ll soon reach our¬†retirement age! Yes, I exaggerate a little, but one can’t deny how time flies, especially when you have a toddler. His every-day development & growth is a reflection of¬†us aging bit by bit. I pray to God everyday that I will be able to grow old with this man. We don’t need to be mega rich, I just want us to be fit & healthy, have my own¬†lawn (to plant veges), a nice sofa, a claw foot bath tub,¬† tonnes of books, & a flat screen for the hubs of course, & I shall be very contented.

What we did last Saturday.


After weeks of logistic arrangement and finalizing the exact furniture piece that we need to procure for an elderly care home in Kuching, finally on Saturday, we drove ourself to IKEA to make the big purchase. As innocent as we are, we thought we could just strolled right in and ask someone to assist us with the big purchase, from finding out which aisle, select the right colour, put it on the trolley and role it all the way to the cashier and the last bit for transportation, all we¬†need to do¬†is just hand ’em the¬†list.¬†Boy was I wrong! First of all, they were pretty understaff (due to raya break), and they definitely don’t have special assistance for you, be it your purchase is RM10 or RM10k. In the end, the hubs have to do all the carrying, pushing and counting. We obviously did not dress for it, & he was sweating like a little pig. ūüôā

20140802_120212  20140802_123931
Below are just some pics of the elderly centre which is 85% close to completion. A brief intro, The day care centre, under the auspices of the Methodist church, will accommodate seventy elders who need day care. They welcome all races, regardless of their religious background, to use this facility who will have trained staff and nurses to take care of the slight dementia; post stroke and post operative patients. This is not a medical facility but rather a centre that will relieve the next of keen to work and live less stressfully. The centre will charge a token fee but subsidized by donors in the day to day operation. We do not receive any financial assistance from the Government and the cost of constructing Rm 1.2m centre is solicited from kind donations. All consultants on this project are working on pro bono basis and the contractor builds the project at below costs! They believe this is the first of its kind day care centre for the elderly that require assisted living in Kuching.  

2014-07-19 14.03.17

A little¬†goes a long way. I’m thankful that¬†there are such kind and generous people to make the world a better place to live.¬†ūüôā


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Yesterday, the hubs was bewildered¬†when Ju-Hann recites¬†quite a handful of¬†words¬†from the alphabet book… but ultimately what tops it all was ‘Yo-yo’. I’d never seen him brimming with such proud. ūüôā
Also, godfather Dr. Allan came visit Ju-Hann. Despite he sees him only 3 times since birth, that munchkin was smitten & smirking all the way.

He is one lucky kid, adored and loved by so many (sniff.).