What we did last Saturday.


After weeks of logistic arrangement and finalizing the exact furniture piece that we need to procure for an elderly care home in Kuching, finally on Saturday, we drove ourself to IKEA to make the big purchase. As innocent as we are, we thought we could just strolled right in and ask someone to assist us with the big purchase, from finding out which aisle, select the right colour, put it on the trolley and role it all the way to the cashier and the last bit for transportation, all we need to do is just hand ’em the list. Boy was I wrong! First of all, they were pretty understaff (due to raya break), and they definitely don’t have special assistance for you, be it your purchase is RM10 or RM10k. In the end, the hubs have to do all the carrying, pushing and counting. We obviously did not dress for it, & he was sweating like a little pig. 🙂

20140802_120212  20140802_123931
Below are just some pics of the elderly centre which is 85% close to completion. A brief intro, The day care centre, under the auspices of the Methodist church, will accommodate seventy elders who need day care. They welcome all races, regardless of their religious background, to use this facility who will have trained staff and nurses to take care of the slight dementia; post stroke and post operative patients. This is not a medical facility but rather a centre that will relieve the next of keen to work and live less stressfully. The centre will charge a token fee but subsidized by donors in the day to day operation. We do not receive any financial assistance from the Government and the cost of constructing Rm 1.2m centre is solicited from kind donations. All consultants on this project are working on pro bono basis and the contractor builds the project at below costs! They believe this is the first of its kind day care centre for the elderly that require assisted living in Kuching.  

2014-07-19 14.03.17

A little goes a long way. I’m thankful that there are such kind and generous people to make the world a better place to live. 🙂


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