Till the end…


During today’s lunch break, was chatting away with the hubs, I was explaining to him what’s a ‘claw foot bathtub’ (which he doesn’t seem to comprehend), while he telling me about how he bought his lunch from an isolated store because the aunty didn’t have lots of customers… (yes, we’re that random), and then we go on about how our dream house will be a mix of classic + contemporary’ because we have both very different taste. Then I send him the above pic to tell him that our house will probably look like that. Note the different chairs, lamp & even the mug!

Suddenly it strikes me, I’m in my late 20’s & he’s in his mid 30’s, we’ll soon reach our retirement age! Yes, I exaggerate a little, but one can’t deny how time flies, especially when you have a toddler. His every-day development & growth is a reflection of us aging bit by bit. I pray to God everyday that I will be able to grow old with this man. We don’t need to be mega rich, I just want us to be fit & healthy, have my own lawn (to plant veges), a nice sofa, a claw foot bath tub,  tonnes of books, & a flat screen for the hubs of course, & I shall be very contented.


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