Study mode.


Finally, I’m done with The Exam. We spend all night & day memorizing the exam question that the lecturer provide us, and guess what, it didn’t came out at the exam at all?!?! Gosh, I just prayed that I can pass, hate the idea of repeating the subject, especially when we’re so close to the finishing line. Regardless, I’m as free as a bird and is ready to take on the world! Yippee yaya!

I’m gonna do so much things i.e.: read my favourite book, watch my TV series, spring cleaning my ‘possession’… and doing plenty of research about my MA Project, my thesis, which I shall share much later.
Anyways, when I was studying for the pass few days, I realize a few tricks that could keep you from dozing off, which I find really helpful to keep my mind fresh while studying. Here is:

1. Find a corner with plenty of sun light to study. The sun ray somehow just keeps you inspired & thus help with your brain absorbing & process all the facts that you just read.
2. Put on a face mask. This works best in the afternoon when the sun is blazing up. It just freshen you up instantly.
3. If you’re memorizing, do light housework at the same time (i.e.: vacuum, watering the plants). When you’re body is moving, you can remember better (it works for me).
4. Of course, when all else fail, a cuppa good coffee will be just what you need.

These are just some of my personal experience, it might or might not work for anyone, but worth a try when you’re desperate. 🙂



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