5 retail store I wish we have in Malaysia.

West Elm – This is another version of IKEA, only  difference is that it’s not self service and the pieces here are more sophisticated and durable. The show room is to-die-for. I will camp here all night if I’m allowed.

The Container Store  – This is the Sephora for organizational freaks like my hubbs. I think he will go crazy in this store. They have everything, from cloth hangers to glassware to a wide array of dustbin!

Waterstone – Can you believe this is where I used to spend my days  here when I was in the UK??!. Gosh, miss it so badly. I remember I walk in, and immediately felt a rush of Happiness, Joy and Contentment.

Yankee Candles – This shop is like a candy store galore, the only thing is that it sells all types of candles and anything that relate to candle! They have glitter candles, tumbler candle, swirl candle, you name it.

Land of Nod – Okay, this is not the exact store that I will be spending my money in, simple because I don’t believe in splurging on things like this for my kid, nevertheless, it would be fun to be soaked in all the cuteness in the store.


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