Thank you.

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Today mark my last day in UCSI. I still remember when I first joined, I was still the wide-eyed girl, gleaming at all the new things to learn, absorb and explore, cry over matters such as mean contractors and clients. Fast forward 5 years, I’m married with a kid, grown matured and learning to see the big picture every single day. People come and go, & I’m glad I made good friends whom I will forever cherish.

Thank you to my Dots team, for all your help & assistance. I am not the best team leader, but I hope you had gained as much learning as I did. Always remember our tagline ‘Every masterpiece begins with a dot’, & do your very best.

Thank you to my fellow GLMO colleagues, who had been through thick & thin with me during the entire journey. I know, & I believe that UCSI will persevere & go beyond, simply because it is made of a big family who are buckled with unwavering faith and perseverance, just like our founder.

Thank you to my boss/mentor CK & Dato’ Peter, for giving me the opportunity for all that I had achieved. Thank you for the support and all the open doors, I am truly grateful for that.

I would like to take this opportunity to apologize if I had ever offended you in any other ways. I wish you all the best in your future undertakings.


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