The Guilt.

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I just want to apologise to my little boy & my gracious hubby for being so patient with me when during the weekend when I was so bummed out over my faulty lappy which can’t be turned on! Now that it’s up & running, I had a surge of guilt pouring over me. Due to the mishap on my lappie, it turned me into a frumpy grump the entire Sunday as I was so stressed out over the work that I had to complete for my presentation this coming Tuesday.

It’s so easy to take your loved ones for granted sometimes, simply because no matter how upset you are, how you spring your moodiness on them, they will still love you for who you are. With that, I vow to improve my behavior & be a better person for them and for myself.


Work diaries.

2014-07-17 16.34.03

Do you keep your work diaries? Back then, before we have smart phone, where you can download all sorts of organizer apps. I always carry a notebook with me. I still carry it now, because nothing beats sketching & jotting notes down at the spur of the moment.

The diaries notes down simple things such as loading my Touch & Go, to attend important meetings and presentation. It’s also where I note my feeling at that moments. As a designer, the notebook is where I sketch my ideas, measurements and discuss with contractors on detailing and installation method.

Its a place where I note down to-do list, my travel itin, minutes of meeting, sketches, meals to cook (back then when I have time), budget costing , and a diary to note down private moments.

2009-3 2011-2 2014-07-17 16.37.32

To summarize, it has recorded bits & pieces of my life for the past 4.5 years, & now, it’s finally time to let it go and move on.

Top | This is the page where hubbs drew me a map on teh day before I start my job in UCSI. I just came back from the UK, and I’m really not familiar with the roads. Still remember we test drive a few times just so I know my way to & fro.
Middle | Typical page of my diaries
Bottom | Project milestones – Back then when I didn’t know the tool called Microsoft Project.

typical week-day schedule.

This is the record of my typical week-day schedule, where both hubbs and myself are working full-time, study part time, & our only offspring is about 2 yrs old.

5:45  – Woke up, shower & get dressed.
6:10  – Make breakfast, coffee & pack lunch for hubbs & myself.
6:30  – Wake up hubbs , then read some journals/articles for thesis.
7:00  – Wake up hammie, hubbs leaves for work.
7:15   – Drop hammie at nanny’s, leaves for work.
8:00  – Arrives office, have breakfast while reading news/FB/Pinterest.
8:30  – Start work. Go through task/to-do with my boss & colleague, check e-mails.
12:30  – Lunch, read blogs, do some research for my assignments.
13:30  – Continue work, discussion with boss / meetings with consultants.
16:00 – Usually this the time I get drowsy/hungry, so tea is mandatory + fruits/biscuits.
17:30  – Wrap up work and leaves the office.
18:30  – Arrived home, shower (P.S.: the most anticipated activity of the day. :P)
18:45  – Pick up hammie from nanny’s, then a walk in the park.
19:00  – Some quality time with hammie. (Usually this includes reading/watch patrick & friends/play-time)
19:45  – Have dinner next door with grandparents.
20:30  – Hubbs usually arrive home this time.
21:00  –  Go back to our pad, settle hammie (this includes change pajamas, brushing teeth, while the hubbs prepare milk & scott emulsion)
21:15   –  Hammie sleeps/Hubbs go shower.
21:30  –  Have a cuppa tea and watch an episode of Grey’s Anatomy/MadMen/Parenthood/Breaking Bad with the hubbs while exchanging details of our day.
22:15  – If we’re not sleepy, we will proceed with work/assignment.
23:00 – Zzzzz… (while the hubbs still up doing God knows what… :P). P.P.S.: He’s a night owl.

Every weekday, we go through this same ‘ol routine. It’s pretty darn boring I would say, but I cherish every second of it.

Why i love (this) friday.

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1. Why not?
2. I have 2 hr lunch break (every Friday).
3. Gonna watch MadMen s6 this weekend. Gosh, it’s been so long since we watch S5. Oh how I miss you JH!
4. Mom’s visiting (with lots of goodies & souvy from Sri Lanka).
5. Found a Malay stall nearby office building selling pre-cut Guava, RM1 for a huge packet. Gotta buy one for hubbs to try.
6. Cloudy day.
7. Looking forward to start new semester this Sun: Change Management & Sustainable Construction, we’re gonna be good buddies for the next 4 months. Be nice.

UCSI International School, Springhill #5. The last bit.

This will be the final post of this project where we will showcase the library facility for the school. The images below looks a bit empty as this was captured before all the reading materials arrive. The library was designed primary year and middle year program students, separated through upper and lower floor.
1 D3S_4222 e copy D3S_4230 e copy D3S_4241 e copy D3S_4251 e copy
As you can see, the primary year library (on lower floor) are designed to be more playful, with vibrant colours and organic pattern, to reflect the versatility and dynamic nature of younger kids. Little furniture are specifically curated so that they can be moved around for different activities such as story telling, group study or even some play group. As you move to the upper floor, the middle year’s library still carries the playful and vibrant look, only difference is the furniture selection that are chosen to fit students who will be studying there for longer hours.
D3S_4338 e copy D3S_4381 e copy D3S_4401 e copy D3S_4478 e copy
Conventional library are not designed to be ‘environmentally inspiring’, thus students sometimes are caught sleeping in it. We want to void that and create an environment where students are able to be creative and receive learning experience like no others. The playful concept intent to inject vibrancy and energetic vibe into these young people’s mind.

That’s it folks. Hope you like the design that we did for UCSI International School, Springhill.

terrible twos.

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The day has come. My child, my deviously charming child has finally reached the stage of the terrible two. Although he’s a month and a half away from turning 2, lately his tantrum and behavior really make me feel like jumping into a sand pit & disappear. I tried reasoning with him, I tried the reward system, I tried the scolding… & then he will just burst into tears and refuse to STOP. God I feel like a crap parent.

I keep asking myself, am I doing it wrong? did I not do enough? I know there’s no shortcut when it comes to parenting but at this moment, i just need to recite serenity prayer that are used in AA (Alcoholic Anonymous) over & over again to keep myself from exploding.
“God, grant me the serenity to accept things I cannot change, The courage to change the things I can, and the wisdom to know the difference.”

But I guess that’s parenting isn’t? There’s always the ups and the down; the cute and the horrible; the sweet and the bitter. As this is my first, I’ll just have to figure it out, just like every other parents. I can do this.

Ju-Hann’s day out – Farm in a City.

2014-08-31 09.48.56

Last Merdeka holiday, we went to a mini adventure trip to the Farm in the city at Seri Kembangan. We originally plan to visit the National Zoo, however due to concern over the unpredictable traffic condition in KL downtown (due to our Independence Day celebration), we’ve decided to go someplace nearer instead. After doing some research, we came across this place call Farm in the City.

Instead of exotic animals, this farmhouse showcase a wide array of farm animals such as birds, tortoise, reptiles, goats, bunnies, chickens + chic, prairie dogs, skunk, ponies and many more. It was so fun to be able to see, touch and interact with these animals which we hardly come across in the city. Instead of lunging in the Ipad, I think it’s a great way for kids these days to get in touch with nature.
2014-08-31 09.46.332014-08-31 09.55.16
2014-08-31 09.58.50 20140831_102554 20140831_104600
20140831_104629 20140831_105257 IMG_4190

Ju-Hann + grandparents had loads of fun, am determine to do more family outings in the future.

Missing her.


Tomorrow, I will be starting my new job at my new place. Normally, on life changing moment such as this, my dear aunt Gini would send me a text or call me on my first day/a day before, wishing me the best of luck. She had been with me all through my life. She watched mom, day & I moved in to our house in penang 25 years ago (she was our neighbour then); she was there when my dad passed away; she saw the hardship my mom went through as a single mom; she’s very close to my grandparents; she takes me out for lunch from time to time, especially when I came back from college break; she has never forget to buy me gifts for me birthday/graduation/wedding/baby shower all throughout my life. As you can tell, she’s pretty close with my family, especially myself where she holds a very special place in my heart. I often think of her as my fairy godmother, because she’s the most loving, generous and kind-hearted woman I ever known.

I miss her a lot, from the day she passed on. Whenever I encounter something happy, I would be filled with sudden surge of sadness, knowing that she’s not here to share that piece of good news. But she’s in a better place now, and I know she’s watching and blessing us from above.

Aunty Gini, thank you for being a part of our lives. I miss you dearly. So I think you should know that I’m venturing into a brand new career path, again. As always, I will be the best I can be and make you proud.

Miss you dearly,
Li Juan

{Pic taken on CNY 2013, where she see Ju-Hann for the first & last time…}