UCSI International School, Springhill #5. The last bit.

This will be the final post of this project where we will showcase the library facility for the school. The images below looks a bit empty as this was captured before all the reading materials arrive. The library was designed primary year and middle year program students, separated through upper and lower floor.
1 D3S_4222 e copy D3S_4230 e copy D3S_4241 e copy D3S_4251 e copy
As you can see, the primary year library (on lower floor) are designed to be more playful, with vibrant colours and organic pattern, to reflect the versatility and dynamic nature of younger kids. Little furniture are specifically curated so that they can be moved around for different activities such as story telling, group study or even some play group. As you move to the upper floor, the middle year’s library still carries the playful and vibrant look, only difference is the furniture selection that are chosen to fit students who will be studying there for longer hours.
D3S_4338 e copy D3S_4381 e copy D3S_4401 e copy D3S_4478 e copy
Conventional library are not designed to be ‘environmentally inspiring’, thus students sometimes are caught sleeping in it. We want to void that and create an environment where students are able to be creative and receive learning experience like no others. The playful concept intent to inject vibrancy and energetic vibe into these young people’s mind.

That’s it folks. Hope you like the design that we did for UCSI International School, Springhill.


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