typical week-day schedule.

This is the record of my typical week-day schedule, where both hubbs and myself are working full-time, study part time, & our only offspring is about 2 yrs old.

5:45  – Woke up, shower & get dressed.
6:10  – Make breakfast, coffee & pack lunch for hubbs & myself.
6:30  – Wake up hubbs , then read some journals/articles for thesis.
7:00  – Wake up hammie, hubbs leaves for work.
7:15   – Drop hammie at nanny’s, leaves for work.
8:00  – Arrives office, have breakfast while reading news/FB/Pinterest.
8:30  – Start work. Go through task/to-do with my boss & colleague, check e-mails.
12:30  – Lunch, read blogs, do some research for my assignments.
13:30  – Continue work, discussion with boss / meetings with consultants.
16:00 – Usually this the time I get drowsy/hungry, so tea is mandatory + fruits/biscuits.
17:30  – Wrap up work and leaves the office.
18:30  – Arrived home, shower (P.S.: the most anticipated activity of the day. :P)
18:45  – Pick up hammie from nanny’s, then a walk in the park.
19:00  – Some quality time with hammie. (Usually this includes reading/watch patrick & friends/play-time)
19:45  – Have dinner next door with grandparents.
20:30  – Hubbs usually arrive home this time.
21:00  –  Go back to our pad, settle hammie (this includes change pajamas, brushing teeth, while the hubbs prepare milk & scott emulsion)
21:15   –  Hammie sleeps/Hubbs go shower.
21:30  –  Have a cuppa tea and watch an episode of Grey’s Anatomy/MadMen/Parenthood/Breaking Bad with the hubbs while exchanging details of our day.
22:15  – If we’re not sleepy, we will proceed with work/assignment.
23:00 – Zzzzz… (while the hubbs still up doing God knows what… :P). P.P.S.: He’s a night owl.

Every weekday, we go through this same ‘ol routine. It’s pretty darn boring I would say, but I cherish every second of it.


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