Work diaries.

2014-07-17 16.34.03

Do you keep your work diaries? Back then, before we have smart phone, where you can download all sorts of organizer apps. I always carry a notebook with me. I still carry it now, because nothing beats sketching & jotting notes down at the spur of the moment.

The diaries notes down simple things such as loading my Touch & Go, to attend important meetings and presentation. It’s also where I note my feeling at that moments. As a designer, the notebook is where I sketch my ideas, measurements and discuss with contractors on detailing and installation method.

Its a place where I note down to-do list, my travel itin, minutes of meeting, sketches, meals to cook (back then when I have time), budget costing , and a diary to note down private moments.

2009-3 2011-2 2014-07-17 16.37.32

To summarize, it has recorded bits & pieces of my life for the past 4.5 years, & now, it’s finally time to let it go and move on.

Top | This is the page where hubbs drew me a map on teh day before I start my job in UCSI. I just came back from the UK, and I’m really not familiar with the roads. Still remember we test drive a few times just so I know my way to & fro.
Middle | Typical page of my diaries
Bottom | Project milestones – Back then when I didn’t know the tool called Microsoft Project.


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