Ju-Hann’s 2nd birthday Dinner.

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A little memory keepsake for Ju-Hann’s 2nd birthday. We had an intimate family dinner at The Burger Factory at Oasis Square. The place was decent, staff are friendly and the food is yum! We manage to take a little stroll at the outdoor area after that and OMG he can’t stop walking! I was so worried he’s gonna fall into the lake! Anyways, all in all, it was perfect & I couldn’t ask for anything better. My little Ju-Hann, May you grow up to be strong & healthy, kind & loving and last but not least humble yourself before the Lord.

From the top:
1. A day before, I got him a little party hat, but he was too scared to wear it at first. LOL.
2. His nanny baked him a fruity cake! Aren’t he the luckiest?
3. Wearing sasa yi’s new brought shirt. it fits perfectly!
4. With the grandparents.
5. A taste of cake (I think this is probably his first)
6. That explains why he’s ‘drunking’ himself on it…
7. Still going on it until the very last bit.
8. Hubbs & I bought him a little birthday pressie – LeapFrog’s My Discovery House. He loves it!


A Blessed Sunday consist of…

1. A fresh cuppa when you really really wanted it.
2. Seeing unexpected monkeys at the Park.
3. Doing ‘Apple Tree’ crafts.
4. Hammie giving goodbye kisses to teachers at Gymboree.
5. Getting a short hair-cut (that’s on Saturday actually).
6. Cuddling time with the hubbs after a long hard week not seeing each other much.
7. not having the TV turned-on at all.
8. A really really well behaved toddler.
Life’s a bliss.

Hammie turns 2.

Today, my not-so-little puddle of joy turns 2. It seems like just yesterday, I gave birth to this little tiny human. It’s been a good two years, filled with laughter, discovery, joy, courage,  not to mention those trying times when God put His test on us. Well, we’re all still alive & kicking, so I’m really grateful to be able to see my baby turns 2 today.

To my dearest little hammie (You’ll always be little to me),

Thank you for bringing so much joy in our lives, I can’t say on behalf of your da-da, but you definitely opened up my eyes in so many ways. You make me realized how much I love being a mommy, and how strong I can be whenever you are sick, how to keep my head cool when you’re at your worse behavior. But most importantly, you make me appreciate the little thing in life.
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I love it when you smile, especially when you squint your eye till I can’t see ’em anymore.
I love your cheeky look when you close your eyes tightly and show me your teeth.
I love it when every night after your milk, you will say nite-nite to da-da while giving him the sweetest smile ever.
I love it that no matter how much you love food, you will not take it from stranger.
I love it that you are so independent, even though you make a mess out of everything.
I love it that you’ll be going to pre-kindy next year, I look forward to all the fun stuff you will be learning and tell us all about it.
I love it that you are always half a step behind, whether it’s walking, talking or other milestones achievement, because I know you’ll always get there, just take your time sweetheart.
I secretly love it that you are so defiant and hard headed in personality, simply because sometimes in life, you have to bold and stubborn in order to be great.
I love you baby Ju, with all my heart, to the moon and back. Happy two years old.

From your Minya.
(P.S. To my dearest husband, happy 7th anniversary of us being together, life with you for the past 2,555 days had been wholesome. I fall in love with you more & more each day. )

My new job.

Had been on my job for more than a month now, so far, it’s been great and I’m oozed with lots of positive vibes! It’s refreshing to learn a different industry, to experience a totally different working environment. I just felt so blessed I got this offer. Though as an designer at heart, one will cringe upon walking into this office. It’s a 20 year old shop lot with totally no ID enhancement or whatsoever. It is however, is very clean, functional & have ample of space for the staff and we have a pantry! (we do not have the luxury of a pantry in my previous company).

Trained as a professional Interior designer for the past 6 years, I recently quit my job when I was offered a consultant position for health facility planning (HFP) in a medical healthcare consultancy firm. My work scope comprise of consultancy for healthcare projects mainly, hospitals (gov/teaching), private medical centres, clinic as well as any facilities that are related to healthcare, both locally & internationally. Typically, my job entails knowledge area of : ID + Architecture + M&E (minimal) + MOH & APHM guidelines + Facility Planning & Management + Human Factor & Ergonomics.

Sure, it’s all exciting, But… It is also hard, when all I know is Interior Design. However, the ability to implement transformational change within any healthcare organization, where its objective is healing patient, and learning how to make it more efficient, safe, functional and patient centered really motivates me to learn more about the industry. But most important of all, I feel motivated, excited and eager, and being able to focus on one project at a time, knowing what to be done & when to be completed, as well as able to work within a team of experienced colleagues,  I can foresee I’ll be here for awhile… Wish me luck. 🙂

Arts, Crafts & Childhood Memories.

20141005_101301 20141005_101312 20141005_101327  20141005_104139

Just some artsy stuff we did at Gymboree Art class lately. I won’t lie, most of the realistic-looking ones are drawn/paint by me, baby Ju just help by smearing all over it. That kid paint anywhere but on the paper and art material. LoL… Attending the art class with my toddler was fun! I get to relive my childhood favorite pass time of painting and making crafts! God I miss it so much. From now onward, I’m going to go crazy with art materials, colouring books & crafty stuff once baby Ju enters to preschool!

I’d been looking at this & this for inspiration. Would be nice if I can set up an art corner where we can paint our hearts out!

Oh my sleeping child.

Last night, after an episode of parenthood, hubbs & I was lounging at the couch, chatting and after awhile, he suddenly said: “Do you want to pop in to his room & check on him?”, This is very rare & unusual of my hubbs, so I said ‘of course!’. So we tip-toed in and….caught sight of this:

Processed with VSCOcam with m3 preset

The sight of our kid sleeping like spidey, drooling all over the mattress, it’s so funny. While other kids sleep peacefully, quiet, at their most natural with angelic face & rhythmatic breathing, this is how my son sleeps.

While the sight almost made me burst out loud with chuckles in the midst of the quiet night, it is also one of the most beautiful moment of being a parent. Watching your kid sleeps gives you a surge of pride to you and your spouse that says: “Hey, we made that!” Also, the warm fuzzy feeling you feel is because when your child sleeps, you forgot about all the little monstrous stuff they do in the day time.

We take loads of picture when they play, eat, doing funny stuff, but watching them sleep is another moment that I planned to cherished for as long as I can.


UCSI Hotel, Kuching. The last bit.

Delayed post of my past work in my ex work place. 

Following my last work visit on our hotel on the east side, our project had soon kick start with tender process. ID wise, we had come out with several design, on the suites mostly, as the details are crucial for the tender to begin.

Base on my last post of this project, the café had since been reposition and is expanded. The design for the interconnecting corner suite, as well as executive suites has been generated.

Although I am no longer with the firm, I really hope the design can be carried out as what I envision.

cafe new
corner suite (connecting) 2 corner suite (connecting)
exec - v1 exec - v2
Hotel Room Suite -toilet 2 timber floor