Oh my sleeping child.

Last night, after an episode of parenthood, hubbs & I was lounging at the couch, chatting and after awhile, he suddenly said: “Do you want to pop in to his room & check on him?”, This is very rare & unusual of my hubbs, so I said ‘of course!’. So we tip-toed in and….caught sight of this:

Processed with VSCOcam with m3 preset

The sight of our kid sleeping like spidey, drooling all over the mattress, it’s so funny. While other kids sleep peacefully, quiet, at their most natural with angelic face & rhythmatic breathing, this is how my son sleeps.

While the sight almost made me burst out loud with chuckles in the midst of the quiet night, it is also one of the most beautiful moment of being a parent. Watching your kid sleeps gives you a surge of pride to you and your spouse that says: “Hey, we made that!” Also, the warm fuzzy feeling you feel is because when your child sleeps, you forgot about all the little monstrous stuff they do in the day time.

We take loads of picture when they play, eat, doing funny stuff, but watching them sleep is another moment that I planned to cherished for as long as I can.



2 thoughts on “Oh my sleeping child.

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