My new job.

Had been on my job for more than a month now, so far, it’s been great and I’m oozed with lots of positive vibes! It’s refreshing to learn a different industry, to experience a totally different working environment. I just felt so blessed I got this offer. Though as an designer at heart, one will cringe upon walking into this office. It’s a 20 year old shop lot with totally no ID enhancement or whatsoever. It is however, is very clean, functional & have ample of space for the staff and we have a pantry! (we do not have the luxury of a pantry in my previous company).

Trained as a professional Interior designer for the past 6 years, I recently quit my job when I was offered a consultant position for health facility planning (HFP) in a medical healthcare consultancy firm. My work scope comprise of consultancy for healthcare projects mainly, hospitals (gov/teaching), private medical centres, clinic as well as any facilities that are related to healthcare, both locally & internationally. Typically, my job entails knowledge area of : ID + Architecture + M&E (minimal) + MOH & APHM guidelines + Facility Planning & Management + Human Factor & Ergonomics.

Sure, it’s all exciting, But… It is also hard, when all I know is Interior Design. However, the ability to implement transformational change within any healthcare organization, where its objective is healing patient, and learning how to make it more efficient, safe, functional and patient centered really motivates me to learn more about the industry. But most important of all, I feel motivated, excited and eager, and being able to focus on one project at a time, knowing what to be done & when to be completed, as well as able to work within a team of experienced colleagues,  I can foresee I’ll be here for awhile… Wish me luck. 🙂


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