Hammie turns 2.

Today, my not-so-little puddle of joy turns 2. It seems like just yesterday, I gave birth to this little tiny human. It’s been a good two years, filled with laughter, discovery, joy, courage,  not to mention those trying times when God put His test on us. Well, we’re all still alive & kicking, so I’m really grateful to be able to see my baby turns 2 today.

To my dearest little hammie (You’ll always be little to me),

Thank you for bringing so much joy in our lives, I can’t say on behalf of your da-da, but you definitely opened up my eyes in so many ways. You make me realized how much I love being a mommy, and how strong I can be whenever you are sick, how to keep my head cool when you’re at your worse behavior. But most importantly, you make me appreciate the little thing in life.
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I love it when you smile, especially when you squint your eye till I can’t see ’em anymore.
I love your cheeky look when you close your eyes tightly and show me your teeth.
I love it when every night after your milk, you will say nite-nite to da-da while giving him the sweetest smile ever.
I love it that no matter how much you love food, you will not take it from stranger.
I love it that you are so independent, even though you make a mess out of everything.
I love it that you’ll be going to pre-kindy next year, I look forward to all the fun stuff you will be learning and tell us all about it.
I love it that you are always half a step behind, whether it’s walking, talking or other milestones achievement, because I know you’ll always get there, just take your time sweetheart.
I secretly love it that you are so defiant and hard headed in personality, simply because sometimes in life, you have to bold and stubborn in order to be great.
I love you baby Ju, with all my heart, to the moon and back. Happy two years old.

From your Minya.
(P.S. To my dearest husband, happy 7th anniversary of us being together, life with you for the past 2,555 days had been wholesome. I fall in love with you more & more each day. )


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