Ju-Hann’s 2nd birthday Dinner.

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A little memory keepsake for Ju-Hann’s 2nd birthday. We had an intimate family dinner at The Burger Factory at Oasis Square. The place was decent, staff are friendly and the food is yum! We manage to take a little stroll at the outdoor area after that and OMG he can’t stop walking! I was so worried he’s gonna fall into the lake! Anyways, all in all, it was perfect & I couldn’t ask for anything better. My little Ju-Hann, May you grow up to be strong & healthy, kind & loving and last but not least humble yourself before the Lord.

From the top:
1. A day before, I got him a little party hat, but he was too scared to wear it at first. LOL.
2. His nanny baked him a fruity cake! Aren’t he the luckiest?
3. Wearing sasa yi’s new brought shirt. it fits perfectly!
4. With the grandparents.
5. A taste of cake (I think this is probably his first)
6. That explains why he’s ‘drunking’ himself on it…
7. Still going on it until the very last bit.
8. Hubbs & I bought him a little birthday pressie – LeapFrog’s My Discovery House. He loves it!


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