Why I love (this) Friday – Need a break.

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On normal circumstance, I usually wish that time could pass by slower, however right now I just can’t wait for Nov to be over. It’s been a really exhausting month. An unexpected back pain coupled with a conspicuous amount of work, assignment deadline submission, preparing for exams, looking for houses, framework for thesis…etc really makes me wanna just lie flat and wake up when its Dec. But having said all that I’m grateful for:

  • A caring hubbie (who drives me to work twice this week).
  • A healthy child (which reminds me that I need to really be present when I’m with him)
  • A loving mom (who help me babysit when I’m attending class this weekend)
  • A humble home (which I’m so looking forward to go home to)
  • A brilliant discovery (that made me & the hubbs in awe for days. It also reminds ourselves not to fret the small stuff.)

{Can’t take it anymore, Dec please come quicker…}

Go Green. It’s Important.

ece1be89a9aadf969448783cee109b11As I’m taking Sustainable Construction as one of my subject this semester, I start to get very self conscious on getting ‘green’. Before this, I’m not exactly a tree hugger/green-advocator and go all out on being ‘green’, because I always thought, the change in me alone won’t make any difference. However, after taking this course, I realize that if all of us can do our part in saving mother nature, especially when we have the little ones who will models upon us, as the saying goes: Monkey see monkey do. Hence, I had decided to start small, right here at our little home.

  1. Packed lunch. I try to use as much food container as much as I could for everyday’s lunch. How hard is’t to just give it a wash when you’re done? I love these containers from IKEA.
  2. Wear it twice. Although I’m not used to wearing any of my garments repeatedly/more than once, I shall try it this time (only restricted to trousers, jeans & cardigans).
  3. Digitalised it. When it comes to reading materials, I always had the habit to print out all my notes & do all the highlighting & sticky post-it notes on it. Now I tried to digitalised it through IPAD and limit hard copy printing as much as I could, especially with my current company is encouraging us to go paperless.
  4. Use cloth diaper. I’m pretty proud that i had been using this for awhile now, ever since my baby started crawling. Although I’m not a full time user, but I’ll try to use it as much as I can. But looking at Ju-Hann’s age now, maybe I should start potty train him?
  5. Save Electricity. Needless to say? Ever since I started to diligently switch off lights/fans whenever I’m not using, I notices our bill does reduces quite a bit.

Mental note: need to remember to bring my own shopping bag during weekend.

Monthly personal goal – December.

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Happy Monday morning! So grateful that my backache has very much reduced. Thank God.
Had a really decent night with the hubbs yesterday attending a dear friend’s wedding. After putting the little one to bed, we talk about life (then, now and the future) over a jug of warm Milo. Yes, a jug. The last few weeks, we’ve been seeing each other less and less due to work, really need to make an effort to fine-tune the quality of the time spend together.

  1. Finish my Part I thesis and submit for review.
  2. De-clutter our pad (we already did yesterday, felt SO GOOD!) more.
  3. Time to give – Planning to collect some of Ju-Hann’s old toys/plushies/clothes and giveaways to the orphanage for Christmas. Even we have a second kid, what we have is more than enough, those kids definitely need it more than we do.
  4. Read more to my Ju-Hann.
  5. Take care of myself. Eat well, live well, sleep well.

Here’s to a productive week ahead. Cheers.

Why I love (this) Friday.

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TGIF! It’e been a crazy crazy week! My boss went to London for training for 2 weeks, so I gotta take over the meetings, checking of drawings, presentation for financial forecast for the fiscal year, issuance of drawings, & of course production of drawings and documents, not to forget I’m rushing for my assignment deadline at the same time! I remember one night while driving home at 8:30 pm. I told myself that I need to be be home to see my baby before he sleeps. I have not seen him for the past 24 hours, if I don’t catch him before he sleeps tonight, it will be a another 24 hours before I see him, as I have another early meeting tomorrow. And of course, my hubby, whom I missed dearly, who’s been working very very hard too. This week had been really TIRING… but thank god for friday & the long awaited weekend!

  1. Hubbs sent me to work, & we had McD for breakkie (it had been a long long time since we had one… ). Also, we spend t a goo 30mins talking about the Galaxy & the Milky Way after reading this.
  2. Looking forward to meeting my dear sisters this weekend.
  3. Attending a good friend’s wedding this Sun.
  4. Sending Ju-Hann to his first music class.
  5. I found the holy grail of ID handbook, which is really useful for my research.
  6. Coffee date with the hubbs after work later.

{As I spend more and more time on the road, I notices how fast time slip passes us so quickly, not as fast as if you’re traveling across galaxy like Cooper, but fast enough to look in this pic, & realise where have the past 2 years gone?}
P.S.: Interstellar was amazing!
P.P.S.: Christmas is coming!

Life as a medical planner.

1. Our meetings usually last for hours, usually past 6pm.
2. On a bright side, we will always have FOOD during the meeting. Donuts, Coffee, Murtabaks….you name it.
3. We spent lots of time on the road, getting from one meeting to another.
4. We must be very proficient in AutoCad & Excel. New addition of software to master is Revit, Codebook & BIM.
5. We are not really highly paid, considering the amount of work we do and the time spent on it.
6. Everyday, we learn a new word. Zooneology? anyone?
7. Precision and area calculation is very important, because every sqm cost $$.
8. We have meetings with doctors on a frequent basis. They are super meticulous!
9. It basically test your analytic skills and creative thinking, simultaneously!
10. Medical Briefs is our daily bible.

In a nutshell. This job is NOT. EASY.

{Picture taken during a site visit to Serdang Hospital}

Hard is what makes it great.

Last night, I was all determined to start my thesis. I plan to start working on it about a week ago, but was unable to do so as I was so bogged down with work. I made myself a cuppa peppermint tea, with starry light on, the mood was right, I was so motivated. One hour later… I didn’t even write a single word! The screen was blank, & I feel so so darn sleepy! Needless to say my mind started going rampant on how I’m going to finish this???! Lately work has piled up, with our mega project going in full force, I will be having exams in mid Dec and assignment submission by end of the month etc… Suddenly I just felt like giving up. It’s just too hard! It’s not worth it! I want my sleep back, I want my family time, I don’t want to split my mind thinking about study/work when I’m with my kid. As much as we always say that it’s important to priorities, the truth is, in reality, it’s not as easy as it sounds.

But today, today at lunch when I was browsing through my blog, I came across this pic’s caption.
“Of course it’s hard, it’s suppose to be hard. If it were easy, everybody would do it. Hard… is what makes it great.” – A League of Their Own. 

Lots of successful person has work undoubtedly work very hard for them to get to where they are now. It’s hard for us to see it, but I do think success comes to those who work very, very hard. I for one witness and encountered many people, who had went through a lot of hardship and they are savouring their fruits of labour now. No matter what you do, something’s gotta give. For the past 1.5 years, I have sacrifice my weekends, sometimes sleeps, lunch times and it had taken a toll on me, and my family. But I’m forever grateful that they have supported me all this while. So tonight, while I sip my coffee trying to churn 12,000 words for my thesis, I shall dedicate it to my family, who had done so much to get me this far.

So buckle up LJ, you can do it!

5 things I’ve learn about marriage.

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Good morning Friday! Such a great day, the drive to work was smooth, sky is so clear I can see the cloud, plus today is hubbs & I’s marriage anni! 5 years ago on this day, we made vows to start a life together as husband and wife. It’s been a good 5 years, so imperfect, yet so whole. Through thick and thin, we learn & grow, we fall & stumble, and here we are, stand back up again, more stronger than ever. The greatest gift this marriage had taught me is to be selfless, and for all the flaws and wrongs I did, I hope I can improve and be a better wife. 5 Things I’ve learn about marriage:

1. Learn to let go
A fight is a fight, don’t hold grudges, because marriage is for long haul. Don’t hold on to little minuscule things that made you lose much precious moments.

2. Say I love you
I used to ask hubbs ‘Do you love me?’ like a thousand times till he gets really annoyed. But the truth is, saying ‘I love you’ & ‘I miss you’ is really important in a relationship, it’s a reminder that at the end of a very happy or crap day, you have someone to love.

3.Your partner always shows you the worse side.
That’s because you’re the closet person to him/her. You don’t expect him to let it out on his boss/parents/colleagues/friends right? That would be deemed rude! Acknowledge that everyone has flaws and sometimes on a really bad day, they might be grumpy/cranky/snappy. As long as it is sealed with an apology, there’s no need to get upset.

4. Do little chores together
Often, when our little bug is asleep, we will spend a good 15 minutes in the kitchen doing chores like boiling water, make tea, wash up bottles (& sterilize them), cut out some fruits and then just sit on the couch exchanging details of what happen during the day, or just merely watch an episode of our favorite drama series. This is the thing that i look forward every night.

5. Show affection
I remember there was once when we’re in the mall and as we were cruising down from an escalator, I was caressing hubb’s hair while he put his arm around me, an elderly couple who were behind us and the man suddenly say to us: I ask my wife how come you never stroke my hair like you did, and the wife replied ‘that’s because you never have any! (He was bald). Then the man look at us and say, even when I have hair, she didn’t do that.’ We literally laugh-out-loud, but listening to what they says warmth our hearts. Whether you’re walking, driving or even just watching TVs, it’s good to do simple gestures like holding hands.

Happy 5th anniversary hubbs. I love you to the moon and back, hopefully with more anni(s) to come, I will reach Jupiter.