5 things I’ve learn about marriage.

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Good morning Friday! Such a great day, the drive to work was smooth, sky is so clear I can see the cloud, plus today is hubbs & I’s marriage anni! 5 years ago on this day, we made vows to start a life together as husband and wife. It’s been a good 5 years, so imperfect, yet so whole. Through thick and thin, we learn & grow, we fall & stumble, and here we are, stand back up again, more stronger than ever. The greatest gift this marriage had taught me is to be selfless, and for all the flaws and wrongs I did, I hope I can improve and be a better wife. 5 Things I’ve learn about marriage:

1. Learn to let go
A fight is a fight, don’t hold grudges, because marriage is for long haul. Don’t hold on to little minuscule things that made you lose much precious moments.

2. Say I love you
I used to ask hubbs ‘Do you love me?’ like a thousand times till he gets really annoyed. But the truth is, saying ‘I love you’ & ‘I miss you’ is really important in a relationship, it’s a reminder that at the end of a very happy or crap day, you have someone to love.

3.Your partner always shows you the worse side.
That’s because you’re the closet person to him/her. You don’t expect him to let it out on his boss/parents/colleagues/friends right? That would be deemed rude! Acknowledge that everyone has flaws and sometimes on a really bad day, they might be grumpy/cranky/snappy. As long as it is sealed with an apology, there’s no need to get upset.

4. Do little chores together
Often, when our little bug is asleep, we will spend a good 15 minutes in the kitchen doing chores like boiling water, make tea, wash up bottles (& sterilize them), cut out some fruits and then just sit on the couch exchanging details of what happen during the day, or just merely watch an episode of our favorite drama series. This is the thing that i look forward every night.

5. Show affection
I remember there was once when we’re in the mall and as we were cruising down from an escalator, I was caressing hubb’s hair while he put his arm around me, an elderly couple who were behind us and the man suddenly say to us: I ask my wife how come you never stroke my hair like you did, and the wife replied ‘that’s because you never have any! (He was bald). Then the man look at us and say, even when I have hair, she didn’t do that.’ We literally laugh-out-loud, but listening to what they says warmth our hearts. Whether you’re walking, driving or even just watching TVs, it’s good to do simple gestures like holding hands.

Happy 5th anniversary hubbs. I love you to the moon and back, hopefully with more anni(s) to come, I will reach Jupiter.