Life as a medical planner.

1. Our meetings usually last for hours, usually past 6pm.
2. On a bright side, we will always have FOOD during the meeting. Donuts, Coffee, Murtabaks….you name it.
3. We spent lots of time on the road, getting from one meeting to another.
4. We must be very proficient in AutoCad & Excel. New addition of software to master is Revit, Codebook & BIM.
5. We are not really highly paid, considering the amount of work we do and the time spent on it.
6. Everyday, we learn a new word. Zooneology? anyone?
7. Precision and area calculation is very important, because every sqm cost $$.
8. We have meetings with doctors on a frequent basis. They are super meticulous!
9. It basically test your analytic skills and creative thinking, simultaneously!
10. Medical Briefs is our daily bible.

In a nutshell. This job is NOT. EASY.

{Picture taken during a site visit to Serdang Hospital}


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