Why I love (this) Friday.

Processed with VSCOcam with f2 preset
TGIF! It’e been a crazy crazy week! My boss went to London for training for 2 weeks, so I gotta take over the meetings, checking of drawings, presentation for financial forecast for the fiscal year, issuance of drawings, & of course production of drawings and documents, not to forget I’m rushing for my assignment deadline at the same time! I remember one night while driving home at 8:30 pm. I told myself that I need to be be home to see my baby before he sleeps. I have not seen him for the past 24 hours, if I don’t catch him before he sleeps tonight, it will be a another 24 hours before I see him, as I have another early meeting tomorrow. And of course, my hubby, whom I missed dearly, who’s been working very very hard too. This week had been really TIRING… but thank god for friday & the long awaited weekend!

  1. Hubbs sent me to work, & we had McD for breakkie (it had been a long long time since we had one… ). Also, we spend t a goo 30mins talking about the Galaxy & the Milky Way after reading this.
  2. Looking forward to meeting my dear sisters this weekend.
  3. Attending a good friend’s wedding this Sun.
  4. Sending Ju-Hann to his first music class.
  5. I found the holy grail of ID handbook, which is really useful for my research.
  6. Coffee date with the hubbs after work later.

{As I spend more and more time on the road, I notices how fast time slip passes us so quickly, not as fast as if you’re traveling across galaxy like Cooper, but fast enough to look in this pic, & realise where have the past 2 years gone?}
P.S.: Interstellar was amazing!
P.P.S.: Christmas is coming!


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